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Healthy Woman

Healthy and Conscious living 1:1 workshop

50-100 EUR / max. 3 HOURS


All of my services are performed either in English or Polish language

If you want to change your lifestyle to a healthier and more conscious one, I'm happy to help you get on the right track and bring balance into your life. My many years of experience in improving my health and my mindset, will certainly give you motivation and strengthen your drive to change.

What you can find in this package:
- thorough check up of your previous lifestyle
- analysis of each meal of the day
- together we build a plan of action (fit to measure)
- basic information on healthy lifestyle
- tips which can support your changes
- shopping list for maintaining a healthy food supply at home
- Q&A: you can ask me questions on the day of the workshop, as well on the following day, in case you have some more doubts 

Keep in mind that this is not a short term diet, this is a long term lifestyle change. We operate a lot on intuitive eating style, however you receive as well some tips on how to prepare healthy meals alternatives.

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