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Connection between respiratory problems and adrenal glands

People tend to blame the outside world for their „illnesses”. It is the bacteria that did this to me, or it is the virus that did this to me or I have this illness because my mother had it and so on. Do you think, if you had a clean body (inside and outside), would you have any problems at all, or at least not to this extend? If you have any sort of imbalances it is mostly because of YOU. You have led into the point when your body is so filled up with trash, that it cannot function properly anymore.

Having problems with breathing for example? Well, I think it may be a great issue nowadays. Think what can be the reason? The outside world? Maybe to some extent yes, because all your life you have been fed the knowledge that is not entirely true. But these days, access to alternative information has expanded. There is no longer any excuse on your part for not taking action, not wanting to be inquisitive. Start looking, questioning. How many times have you gone to a doctor who, when asked "where did my illness came from?" replied "I don't know", or "at that age, it's just the way it is", etc.?

But coming back to the example about breathing problems… maybe you should start to think about your adrenal glands? Adrenals are the small glands located on top of each kidney. Why adrenals, you may ask? Well, which gland is connected with the autonomic nervous system? Is breathing autonomic? Of course it is! Just like heart beating and digestion. Your adrenals control the breathing. People who have astma, or any other sort of breathing issues, have definitely weak adrenals.

It is about time to make them stronger!

Detox is a natural way which our body uses in order to bring in the balance. Do not suppress your body with the inappropriate foods you eat and liquids you drink.

Start to think for yourself and question authorities.

If you need a consultation regarding your diet (healthy habits changes), or change your lifestyle, or detox or Reiki Life Energy session, I invite you to check out my website for some more information.

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