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General information about the detox

I have noticed that detox has become very popular lately. I am very happy about this, but sometimes I get the impression that some people treat it just as a desire to be "trendy". As a Regenerative Detoxification Specialist, I can tell you that this is a much deeper process than just that, which should be approached with a lot of common sense and a thorough analysis of the subject.

Apart from the desire to lose a few kilos or get rid of cellulite, do we know why a properly conducted detox is so necessary nowadays to restore balance in our body?

Beyond the desire to shed a few kilos and get rid of the cellulite, do you really know why a properly conducted detox is actually necessary these days to restore the balance in the body? Did you know that even a very slim person can have excess fat? When the body burns fat, only then one can really see how much muscle tissue one has - usually not much, one just thinks one has a lot, until the fat that is around the muscles is burned (some people think that the body "eats" the muscles almost immediately - believe me, it takes a long time before this happens).

Unfortunately, we live in a world full of toxins. Whether we want it or not, they reach us and penetrate the body. There are many other factors such as stress, improper or improper diet, etc., as a result of which, almost everyone experiences some sort of dysfunction in the body. Everything accumulates over the years in order to appear as a so-called "disease". Well... the purpose of any detox is to restore the body's natural ability to cleanse and heal itself... but wait, wait... Do I cleanse my body by detox or does the body cleanse itself? The answer is trivially simple - the body cleanses itself, you just need to create proper conditions for it to happen. The body is a wonderfully designed machine, an avatar that we have been given as a gift and that we should take care of if we want to live a healthy and happy life, without worrying that in our old age we will have to visit the doctor twice a week, barely able to walk (if at all) and take a handful of medicine.

It all seems so distant from a young person's perspective.

Another thing is that many people do not think long-term. They think that if they eat meat, dairy products, stay up late at night, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, eat sweets, take excessive and destructive medicine, etc., and feel great at the moment, then it doesn't concern them. Wise people think long-term and can see the sense and benefits of investing in themselves now, in order to enjoy the health until the end. This requires persistence.

But ask yourself who anchored these bad habits in you in the first place? The answer is: the programming that we are subjected to from the early age is responsible for this. Don't blame your parents - they probably did what they thought was best at the time. Nevertheless, your future, and if you are going to have children, your children's future too, is in your hands. The cleaner you are, the easier it will be for you and your children.

When the food we eat is mucus-forming, or when we do not use the proper food combination rules, then we are faced with (for example) the deposition of a glue-like substance on the walls of the intestines (mucoid plaque), which in turn causes a number of problems such as inadequate absorption of nutrients, inadequate elimination of waste, dysfunctions in the digestive track, accumulation of toxins (and growth of culturing medium for parasites, worms, flukes, candida and the like), putrefaction and fermentation, gas, constipation, etc. This subsequently affects the whole body, causing further dysfunctions within it...

How old are you? What kind of diet do you have? How much impurity do you carry inside you? I hope that you already understand why regular cleansing is so important. When toxins accumulate in the body to a dangerous level, they start to make themselves known in the form of various symptoms/"diseases". During a detox, these toxins leave the body, which almost in every case can be seen through a phase called the „healing crisis”. What does it mean? It means that your health condition may get worse at the beginning. However this sort of „worse feeling” is not something abnormal during detoxification. On the contrary. And this is only temporary.

I intend to live my whole life in full health. It is never too late to take care of yourself and move on. Never!

Of the many different types of detox, the following are the most noteworthy:

fruit- which involves eating fruit alone, preferably one at a time as part of a single meal.

mono-fruit/ mono-juice - consists of eating only one type of fruit, e.g. grapes, melons, etc. and/or drinking one type of freshly squeezed juice for a period of time (grapes, for example, have strong astringent properties, apart from that they have structural water, high content of nutritional, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial values, delay the ageing process, have a lot of antioxidants, support the digestive process, blood quality and its circulation and a number of other positives)

- juice - drinking freshly squeezed juices (juice is like a relief for the digestive system and it recharges the body with a powerful dose of life-energy, thanks to which the body can use more power for self-healing)

- water - drinking water only, preferably distilled, spring water direct from the mountain spring, or reverse osmosis (rather for people who have already went through the above mentioned fasts, have enough experience and properly prepared body - especially the kidneys)

- Master Fast System (MFS) - drinking pasteurized juice from grapes, without sugar and preservatives (or other dark fruits), activated with lemon juice (this detox is largely connected to the action of plasma fields - who is interested in it, I refer to the Internet and the subject of Keshe Technology or Master Fast System website)

- dry fasting - not eating and not drinking. I believe that this is the most effective method, for kidneys activation. It supports their filtration and finally leads to proper hydration (!!!, yes I did not make a mistake writing it here). It is definitely suitable for every person in its shortened but daily version (everyone can stand 12 hours without food and drink, for example, from 18:00-6:00), while the longer version (more than 48 hours) is more suitable for people with some experience.

For every fast, regardless of its type, it is necessary to be properly prepared. This is a very important stage, which is unfortunately neglected or ignored by many people. It has a huge impact on the whole process and the period afterwards (especially the stage of going out from the detox is very important and requires more reasoning than the detox itself). During the detox, situations may arise that are difficult to deal with or interpret properly, both psychologically (emotions being released, traumas, etc.) and physically (rashes and other skin problems, chills, temporary general deterioration of health, body aches, migraines, flu-like symptoms and a whole bunch of others). If emotions come out (sometimes very strong), you need to know why and how to deal with it. If physical symptoms come out, you also need to know how to respond to that.

Those who do a detox, or are on some kind of temporary diet and after finishing it go back to their old habits, should think about the purpose of their actions... A detox makes the most sense if, after finishing it, the person is able to make changes in life, even if only in very small steps. I do not mean to say that a detox after which one returns to the old eating pattern is pointless, but it is certain that some dysfunction will reappear in the body.

Many people like to reward themselves for "ordeals", treating detox as an "ordeal" - this is the wrong intention. The reward then is to eat everything that one has denied oneself during the detox. This is a vicious circle. There is nothing wrong with eating something "different" once in a while (balance), but let’s not go back to the old rubbish.

It is also important to remember that each person will need a different detox type, which will cleanse the body in a way suitable for that person. If one eats a wrong diet and jumps into deep waters without preparation, one may drown without achieving the desired permanent result. If someone, who has been eating a traditional diet all his/her life, goes all the way, he/she may unleash processes in his/her body so intensively that, with malfunctioning glands, organs, elimination channels (kidneys, excretory system, skin, lungs), stagnation of lymph and lymph nodes, etc., he/she will simply not be able to cope with the avalanche he/she has triggered. For example, not everyone should do water fasting right away, even though it is very effective. If someone has weak glands, kidneys and clogged elimination ducts or is on the verge of exhaustion, entering water fasting may weaken the body even more. It is better to jump into juicing, or other type of detox, depending on your health, lifestyle, diet, etc.

I myself learned from my experiences. I have learnt how powerful our body is if we only give it the space to act.

The hardest thing for me to convince myself of was MFS, because it is not based on raw plant food, but on pasteurised juice. But as I had heard a lot of positives about it, I decided to give it a try. I have done it several times and each time was different, more conscious, deeper and more intense. The effects I achieved on it are incomparable to all the other detoxes I have done. MFS is closely linked to dry fasting and „dry fast windows”, which is an integral part of the whole process.

Herbs are invaluable in any detox type. Having had a comparison, I can safely say that a detox without herbs is much harder and more difficult. Herbs are a natural gift from the Earth, which can support recovery on an incredible scale and amplify the effects you so much look forward to.

I have found more than once that sometimes it is better to take two steps backwards in order to take one permanent step forward, without having to go back after a while. Working with the mind is essential not only during the detox process, but also before and after it. We are not our mind. We are consciousness, and the mind that accompanies us in this incarnation is a separate entity. It is often the case that the thoughts that go round in our head are not our creation. They are the product of the mind. The mind wants a bread with cheese, and our body and consciousness no longer accepts such food. The "fight" begins. One must know how to change this "fight" into cooperation and take the control.

I remember that during one of the detoxes, when I was preparing hummus with vegetables for the kids, my mind started going crazy, craving for this food. I wasn't hungry, I knew it was just a game. I made an agreement with my mind that I would freeze a piece and eat it once I have completed the detox, but now it would cooperate with me and not hinder the process. I actually had to do freeze the piece of hummus in order for the image to be registered by my mind. The urge went right away the moment I put the hummus pack in the freezer. After the detox, I didn't even crave it anymore. This is also a result of the cleansing. The more I cleanse, the less I will like some foods and the more I will appreciate the taste of raw fruit. I know that after a while certain foods will fall off by themselves. Everything in its own time. Slowly. With the right attitude and intention.

If you need support and consultation on how to do a detox that is right for you, I, as a Regenerative Detoxification Specialist, am happy to offer support and help. Do not hesitate to contact me.

I wish you lots of love on your journey to health!

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