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Raw plant based crunchy buckwheat to nibble on

Sometimes, when my family craves "something crunchy" to nibble on, I prepare my healthier version of „raw chips”.


- unroasted buckwheat hearts

- good quality salt

- olive oil

- garlic

How do I make it?

I soak buckwheat hearts in water for 12-24 hours and then sprout them for 2-3 days on a sieve covered with a cloth (rinsing them with fresh water 3 times a day). After this time the beautiful sprouts are poured into a bowl, mixed with a little salt, olive oil and dried garlic and put into a dehydrator. What comes out is a absolutely splendid (and most importantly healthy) snack for those who dream of something to nibble, and which is not loaded with fat and hard to digest protein.

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