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ReiKi and a plant-based nutrition

Can a carnivore be an effective ReiKi Master and Teacher? Is vegan ReiKi Master and Teacher better? Or maybe raw vegan? Frugivore? ... I used to ask myslef these questions. First of all, I would like to point out that this post is not meant to judge or divide people into better and worse ones, or to introduce any other categorization. I will try to write it as diplomatically as I can so as not to offend the feelings or views of others. I am very tolerant and respectful of everyone. I express my opinion, but I do not judge. I do not like everyone, but I wish everyone well. I don't understand and don't agree with everyone, but I strongly believe that everyone has their own individual path and they have the right to be where they are. It is not up to me. I only sow the seeds of knowledge in others. And whether it germinates in this or the next incarnation, does not depend on me. If someone wants more, he can always come to me. So, that was a word of introduction...

Getting to the point, in this post I would like to focus on the influence of the food that we eat on the human energy fields. Every type of food carries a certain information. Every food vibrates at a certain frequency (like everything else in the universe). This is an undeniable fact. When you eat foods with low vibrations, like meat (fish as well), milk and its products, eggs, high processed meals, junk food, sugar, etc. it lowers your energy levels. You are then more likely to develope some sort of imbalance (called by many "illness" or "disease") or encounter difficulties on your path. By eating foods which vibrate high, you contribute to the increase of our own energy. It influences directly the physical state of your body and not only... Well, this is the important part now... the higher the vibrations of the body, the easier, better and more effective your personal spiritual development is. Depending on whan you eat, it changes your way of thinking...

As a ReiKi Master and Teacher (read more about ReiKi in the article here), practitioner and promoter of a healthy lifestyle based on a plant-based and mucus-less nutrition, I have to admit, that diet has an incredible impact on health, on how one perceives reality, and on the quality of the experiences one has. I do not want to offend anyone, but low energy from certain foods, will always contribiut to blockages on all levels of your exsitance, no matter how wide your channel and how strong your ReiKi energy flow may be.

It is true that after the channels being activated (after the ReiKi course), the energy flows- in this perspective it does not matter if you are a carnivore, frugivore, omnivore, or whatever. However, going further this path, there is a difference. It lies in the channeler himself, but can somehow affect the receiver. The higher your frequencies, the better the qualty of your personal energy fields. The better the quality of your consciousness development and empathy. The wider and deeper understanding of the reality. It affects also the earthly matter, connected with the quality of life, and the state of physical health... So on one hand it flows no matter what nutrition chocie you made, but on the other hand the flow differs. With a plant-nased nutrition it is simply easier, becasue you are not overburden with low frequencies. You are loaded with energy (check the article about biophotons and Angstrom units) and supported from the side of your physicallity (the proper and efficient working of the digestive system and the entire human physiology).

I respect, but do not understand people who, for example, being on the path of Life Energy or in the world of ReiKi for a longer time, still consume animal products, considering them supportive to health. During many years on my life path, I have missed a person who combines passion and practice in a plant-based (and mucus-free) nutrition, in healthy physical activity, and the world of Life Energy, ReiKi. No one could understand my approach. Therefore, I had to go through many experiences on my own, learning from my mistakes, drawing conclusions, and expanding my horizons. Because of this lack, I am where I am today with all of my knowledge I have gained. I am grateful for that. I can share it with others now. Perhaps there are more people like me now, I do not know that. But I am happy to be here for you, dear reader, and if you are still looking for your path, maybe your Divine Energy has brought you here to take your first step: change to a plant-based nutrition, or enter the world of Energy and do a ReiKi Level I course? Or maybe you are simply looking for a ReiKi Master and Teacher, with plant-based (vegan, raw vegan, frugivore, or however you call it) lifestyle approach to speak to or give you a ReiKi session?

You are more then welcome!

With Love,


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