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Thyroid and Parathyroid. What you should know about them.

I often meet people who are not fully aware that they have a thyroid dysfunction. It is only when we discuss the subject in more detail that it becomes obvious, that things are not quite right.

What are the signs that these glands are not working properly? First of all you need to ask yourself a question: do you have dry skin, are you sluggish and constantly tired, have memory and concentration problems, weight problems, brittle nails, spider veins, varicose veins, hernias, descending organs and other signs of connective tissue loss, low calcium levels, arthritis, achy legs, fibroids, hemorrhoids, osteoporosis, scoliosis, arthritis, or disc degeneration? Did you know that general depression and postnatal depression are also the result of weakened parathyroid/thyroid glands?

So let's go back to the beginning. What is the problem?

There is a number of chemical reactions taking place in the human body, this is an undeniable fact. Dr. Robert Morse always says that there are only two sides of chemistry in the human body: acid side (corrosive thus being the source of most "diseases") and alkaline side. There should be a balance between the two, with alkaline (base) always being predominant. The only acidic chamber in the human body should be the stomach. If, for example, when urinating, something burns and hurts you- beware, this means you have too many acids in your body, and acids burn. If you have any skin problems - beware, the acids are probably coming out through the skin, irritating its structure. Further examples could be given a whole lot, but let's focus now on the glands mentioned in the topic.

The number one problem has always been and will be acidosis. It is the main reason for the vast majority of disorders and dysfunctions in the body (so-called „diseases"). What can be done to get rid of this condition? First of all, it is necessary to alkalize the body (more alkalinity in the body and less acid). This can be achieved by eating fruit (sprouts and vegetables, mainly leafy ones) in unprocessed form.

Fruits, as a natural food for humans, have an abundance of electrolytes, antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, mucus astringent properties, etc., which can assist the body in removing acids through their alkalinity. Herbs, of course, will also play an important role in restoring the balance and supporting the organs, glands, etc. What is acidic? All animal-based products and all the other foods that have been thermally processed (above 42 degrees Celsius).

All acids will steal electrolytes and will eventually dehydrate the body. This will lead to lymph stagnation, which will make the removal of toxins from the body more difficult. If we add to this disfunction of kidneys, we have a considerable problem - all the toxins stay and circulate in the body.

Another important aspect is that when the parathyroid glands are weakened, their functioning and e.g. the process of calcium absorption in the body is disturbed. This means that no matter how much calcium you take in (either naturally or in supplements), it will not be absorbed properly.

The myth about getting calcium from dairy products is already such a myth, that I won't go into it too deep here (I'll just mention that dairy products are responsible for example for osteoporosis. They powerfully acidify the body. As a response the body, in order to save itself, steals minerals from the bones and connective tissue to fight these acids in order to neutralise them). It is also not about the quantity of calcium, but its quality and assimilability. Calcium is much better absorbed from plants, including herbs (rich in calcium and silica, e.g. alfalfa, horsetail, nettle), where it occurs in a complex with other components that "support" and complement each other. However, in order to be able to absorb any calcium at all, the parathyroid glands must be functioning. And here we return again to the subject of diet and herbs. Really, it is that simple.

Excessive protein intake (especially from animal sources, but also from plant based sources) also has a negative effect on the parathyroid glands (as well as other glands and organs, including the kidneys, and we know that the kidneys need to function in order to filter and remove the toxins). Many people do not realise that the amino-acids that we find in fruit and vegetables are completely sufficient for humans. Unfortunately, the dairy and meat industries put a lot of pressure on promoting the consumption of their products, which are supposed to be a source of building blocks, but actually work more to our disadvantage. A human child needs a different amount of protein than a calf, that needs to grow several tens of kilos in a really short time.

We are told that we need to drink milk after weaning from breast milk. Apart from the fact that the composition of human milk is totally different from that of other creatures (e.g. cows), it is designed to develop a human being, not a calf. A human needs a different amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates than a calf, lamb or goat. This is very important and crucial. Have you ever seen a calf drinking the milk from a goat? Man is the only one who, after weaning from his mother's milk, drinks milk from another species. How could mankind fall into this?

It is worse for people whose parathyroid glands are already weakened at the genetic level. Then the process of regeneration of these glands may take much longer, which does not mean that it is impossible.

If you want to make changes in your life, always start by changing your diet. You will see how effectively you can achieve the results and how quickly you will feel better.

My daughter recently asked me how it happens that a bone grows back together after it has been broken. The answer is trivially simple - the body regenerates itself. ALONE. Provided that the right conditions are created for it (through the right diet and fasting). So the first basis for improving the condition of the parathyroid and thyroid glands is the change of your diet.

Remember, unless you have a critical condition, changes should not be made overnight. Most likely your body is not adapted to digest and absorb new foods. This takes time, to restore the state you should be in from the very beginning. Don't be discouraged by failures, they are part of your change. Have a clear goal. Have support. Be patient.

Start with the fruit for breakfast and quit the dairy products. Then bring in the daily dry fasts, with minimum 12 hours. Next step is to quit gluten and meat (fish as well). Then say bye bye to eggs. Minimize the intake of protein (as well plant-based). Learn how to combine the food groups to improve digestion and minimize the energy loss. When 100% raw vegan diet is too difficult for you, start with raw until 4 and then one cooked mucus free meal for dinner (the last meal of the day). Do not forget about the herbs, as they are crucial in most cases.

I can tell you from my own experience that you can achieve a lot on fruits (ev.veggies and greens), herbs and some fasts. This does not mean that I am totally clean now. I still have a few aspects I need to work on because they are still not in balance. Nevertheless, I see progress and that motivates me to go further.

I keep my fingers crossed for you in restoring your health, and if you have any questions or need support, I am here to help and advise.

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