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Why did we choose raw vegan diet and why do we stay flexible?

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

It is appropriate to start with what a human is. According to the theory of the origin of a human, he is classified as a frugivore. We have nothing in us that would indicate that we are carnivore. The digestive system of a lion is 10 times shorter than ours and has a much stronger stomach acid in order to quickly digest the raw meat (lions do not fry meat, nor do they season it with salt or other spices, they eat like they hunted it down). Have you ever tried to eat a rabbit in whole? First, hunt it down without the help of a weapon, then tear it apart with your teeth and, together with its fur, bones and all its guts, tastefully eat it? The human digestive system is adapted to eating raw plant based food, preferably fruit. We are a tropical species, which means that our natural climate is the one in which fresh fruit is available all year round. As man began to migrate and settle in other regions, he had to adapt somehow. Nowadays, however, with the availability of a wide range of fruit and vegetables in the shops, there is no excuse for running away from one's true nature.

My observation is that people who want to make their lifestyle healthier, make changes too quickly. The body, over the years or even centuries back, has become accustomed and adapted to what it had, so that it can survive on the food it is provided with. As a result, our bacterial flora has changed and adopted to the new circumstances just to help us digest what we put in our stomachs.

If someone has been eating really poorly, their gut is clogged (not to mention other ailments) and as a result they are unable to absorb vitamins as much as they should. Additionally, if you find yourself switching to a raw food diet overnight (too quickly), know that your body does not have enough bacterial flora to digest this new type of food. This can lead to unpleasant bloating, gases, weakness due to lack of nourishment in the body (as you have yet to teach it the raw diet) and a host of other symptoms that cause people to become discouraged or think they don't feel well on this diet.

Fruit helps to release toxins that you have accumulated over the years in your body. Whenever toxins are released, you will have detox symptoms and feel worse (but it is only transitional). And now- if you do it wisely and want long-lasting results, you will transition to a raw food diet slowly.

Raw food has its own enzymes. When you eat a fruit, it's safe to say that it is digested almost by itself because it doesn't engage your digestive enzymes to a great extent (like non-raw food does). You're not putting any strain on your organ’s work. Fibre from fruit is the perfect fibre that our intestines (food for proper bacterial flora) love. Vegetables like carrots, cabbage, beetroot, in their raw form have a very hard fibre, which is already less loved by our intestines, but because it is raw, it will pass (admittedly more slowly) and come out. Our immunity comes from our guts. We have to take care of what we eat and how we eat. We need to multiple the proper bacterial flora, so that we can stay healthy until the very old age.

But where do I get my protein from anyway? Ah that protein... The human body creates protein on its own. This is how it is, not otherwise. If we eat a complete protein, plant or animal based (there is much more work to be done with the animal based protein), the body must first break it down into amino acids in order to build the complete protein it needs. I can safely say that at the level of fruit alone, we are able to provide ourselves with all the amino acids to build protein. From the fruit alone!!!

I once tried a vegan ketogenic diet (based largely on fats and vegetables), but it was only at the beginning, in the so-called transition stage. Then I quickly found out that it doesn't work for me. I'm not even talking about a ketogenic diet based on animal products - that's a terrible choice for the body in the long term (this is my opinion). Our body needs sugar in order to function (of course I am talking about sugar from fruit, i.e. natural, non-isolated fructose). The fact is that our body can produce glucose from fats (the premise of the ketogenic diet), but this is an unnatural state for us. If we do this from time to time, that is ok, but in the long run it is an alarm state that is „exhausting" for our body. We need sugar from fruit as basic fuel to function well.

How do I find myself in all of that? I stay flexible. I believe in the above principles, but if I want to eat a homemade thermally processed soup, I simply eat it. I do not demonise cooked food. We are 100% vegan, but we are not always 100% raw. We eat loads and loads of raw food. But I do not want to label myself and blame myself later that I do not follow the label content. There are days when I drink only juices, there are days when I eat only fruits. Should I call myself liquidation or fruitarian then? I feel comfortable using „raw vegan” words that describe us. But we understand that we have to be somehow flexible, especially when we are living among other people and have plenty of stuff to deal with.

That is how it is for now. Who knows what the future brings.

Therefore I stay flexible.

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