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Reiki Treatment

ReiKi Level I online course

200 EUR / max. 5 HOURS


All of my services are performed either in English or Polish language

Reiki level I online course - Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho with distance initiation include:
- duration max. 5 hours
- course materials
- certificate secured with a hologram issued in Polish or English or Polish-English
- the shipping costs of the certificate (sent after the course) should be added to the price

The programme of the I level course includes:
- History of Reiki
- What is Reiki?
- Five principles of Reiki
- Three levels of ReiKi and Initiations
- Reiki lineage
- Health and safety in working with energies
- Preparation for initiation
- Detox and initiation
- Basic information and a Reiki session
- What else can Reiki be used for?
- How to place hands for Reiki sessions - self healing
- Reiki session: short and holistic (longer)
- Chakras. Strengthening, cleansing and harmonizing the chakras

What gives you Reiki Level I:
You gain the ability to transmit Reiki for the rest of your days. The person who has taken the I level initiation becomes a Reiki channel. This means that he/she is connected to the Universal Life Energy and, because of this attunement, can transmit this wonderful energy whenever he/she feels like it. In order for Reiki to flow through your body, all you have to do is put your hands together and make a request for the transfer of Universal Reiki Energy. Very quickly the sensitivity of the sensitive energies increases. You begin to sense and understand the vibration surrounding you. You feel the flow of energy through your hand chakras. You are able to transmit Reiki energy to yourself, your family, people you are energetically connected to e.g. girlfriend or boyfriend and other people in need. You can also transmit Reiki to plants, animals, energize food, water, etc. (II Level greatly increases energization).

Always remember:
It is not you who heals but Reiki. The energy of love flows through you and you are its channel.


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