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Energy Healing

ReiKi Level II online course

300 EUR / max. 5 HOURS


All of my services are performed either in English or Polish language

Reiki level II online course - Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho with distance initiation includes:
- duration max. 5 hours
- course materials
- certificate with a security hologram issued in Polish or English or Polish-English
- the shipping costs of the certificate (sent after the course) should be added to the price

The programme of the Level II course includes:
- Introduction
- What does a second level Reiki course entail?
- How to work with the signs of Life Energy?
- The five principles of Reiki
- The symbols of Life Energy
- Remote work
- Remote work with others through your body
- Clearing the past
- Life energy for the dead
- Purification and protection
- The power of intention (target slide, healing codes, the power of wishes and thoughts)

What gives you Reiki Level II
Learning the three Usui symbols which enable the concentration of Reiki energy,
bringing balance and harmony to the mental and astral body. One receives one initiation, i.e. attunement to Reiki of the second degree. The adept can now send energy at a distance, independently of time and space (i.e. also to the past and future). People who have completed the first degree can enter the second degree course, maintaining a minimum gap of three months between degrees.

Always remember:
It is not you who heals but Reiki. The energy of love flows through you and you are its channel.


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