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ReiKi Level III online course - ReiKi Master and Teacher

900-1.000 EUR / max. 5 HOURS


All of my services are performed either in English or Polish language

Reiki level III online course - Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho with distance initiation (Reiki Master- Sensei and Reiki Teacher) includes:
- duration max. 5 hours
- certificate with a security hologram issued in Polish or English or Polish-English
- price 900 EUR for Adepts who have completed levels I and II with me
- price 1.000 EUR for Adepts who have completed the course with another Master
- a certificate entitling to conduct Reiki training courses and workshops and to initiate future adepts.
- Reiki Master-Teacher Level is within one inseparable course
- the shipping costs of the certificate (sent after the course) should be added to the price

The programme of the Level III course includes:
- Introduction
- The five principles of ReiKi
- The Life Energy of Food - Biophotons and Angstrom Units
- Life Energy Symbols
- How to work with the Life Energy symbols?
- Sample requests and messages of Life Energy
- A few words of personal reflection
- Scheme of initiation into the I Level of Reiki
- Scheme of initiation into the II Level of Reiki
- Scheme of initiation into the III Level of Reiki

Sensei Teacher Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho        
Reiki is a traditional path where you will find three level courses ending with a Certificate and Certificate. Legally there are no examinations in the Reiki courses. It is the Master's responsibility to support his adept after he has completed the course. The third level course is open to those who have completed the second level and have at least one year of practice.

What gives you Reiki Level III:
After completing the 3rd level, we have all the traditional Reiki signs at our disposal, enabling us to achieve complete harmony of body, thought and spirit, conditioned, however, by quality of life and adherence to ethical and moral principles. You are now fully open to Reiki and empowered to initiate others. You will also become familiar with three further symbols that will expand your existing possibilities for therapy and the creation of a new reality. You can send energy to several people at the same time, regardless of their location, distance or time zone. After the third degree course, you can conduct Reiki training, courses, workshops and seminars and initiate Adepts into Usui Shiki Ryoho Levels.

Always remember:
It is not you who heals but Reiki. The energy of love flows through you and you are its channel.


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