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My „ReiKi support in detox and regeneration” program

150-200 EUR / 10-21 DAYS

All of my services are performed either in English or Polish language

The concept of combining Reiki + Detox and Regeneration together, can help a person to achieve balance, harmonise emotions, sooth the cravings or ease the pain which can be experienced during the detox phase. A daily Reiki routine is a must during this time to ensure that we increase the benefits of the Detox. This new normal balance will allow your body to heal itself from within. Energy transfer is a very powerful tool as it touches all related elements of a particular condition, which we may not even be aware of. Reiki enhances and accelerates our own natural healing process, because the body can stop being stressed and focus on detox and regeneration.

What you can find in this package:
- Preparation Phase plan (we choose together the best detox option, you learn how to prepare yourself to start the detox effectively)

- Detox and Regeneration plan, personally suited (we discuss the information in the plan; herbs; what you can do more to support the process; how to safely break the Detox Phase)
- Detox Phase: daily energetic Reiki strengthening of the organs, glands, lymph system etc.
- Detox Phase: short daily online consultations
- Regeneration Phase: energetic Reiki support, personally suited (if needed)
- Regeneration Phase: short online consultations (if needed)
- all the details are discussed during the 1:1 consultation (online, or in person), are flexible and due to modification
- cost: price for this service is adjusted individually. Price range depends mainly on the amount of detox days: 10 days 150 EUR, up to 15 days 180 EUR, up to 21 days 200 EUR

Most of my detoxes are based on either fresh fruit or freshly squeezed juices. The minimum duration for the Detox Phase is 10 days, maximum 21 days, whereas the length of Preparation Phase and Regeneration Phase is always flexible and fit to measure.

Your body can make miracles, it just needs the proper conditions to do so. Implement those conditions and fully enjoy your life!


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