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Traveling has always been a source of excitement for me. I love exploring. I am extremely happy that my husband thinks exactly the same way, because we can make our journeys (small and big) come true.

We cannot imagine our life without the physical activity. We spend almost every free moment on an expedition. Sometimes it lasts a few hours, sometimes the whole day and sometimes the whole weekend.

Our children from an early age are used to the crazy parents who cannot sit down still, so the frequent trips, wandering and hiking is nothing strange to them. I dare say it is becoming natural.

The whole route is always adapted to the children's abilities. We make many stops on the way. We get to know nature, collect wild plants and herbs for green smoothies and splash ourselves in water. My children have a lot of fun finding wild berries whenever there is a season for them.


Schweiz - 5.jpeg

We currently live in Switzerland. I make no secret of the fact that this was one of our dreams and we are extremely pleased that we have managed to make it come true. Beautiful mountains that are waiting for us and calling for us! So many opportunities and breathtaking views! Below are some pictures that I have collected so far. Surely, I will be posting more pictures from the tours later on.

Living in Germany, we had the opportunity to organise trips to the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Three times during the extended weekend. I'm not hiding and honestly admit that we tried Belgian fries (double fried) here. They were delicious, but I felt terrible in my stomach afterwards. I have experience and will not repeat it again ;)

Benelux - 4.jpeg
France - 9.jpeg

Living in Germany we had many occasions to visit France. However, we got to know this country much earlier and have also returned to it many times.

We were only once in Sicily, but it was unforgettable. A wonderful island that has a lot to offer. The taste of fruit and vegetables there (I mean, of course, those ripened in the real sun) cannot be compared to the same flavours of fruit and vegetables that we experience every day. Strangely enough, the taste of the raw Sicilian mushrooms bought in the local marketplace has stuck most in my mind. But you know, with so much sunshine, everything tastes different.

Sicily - 21.jpeg
Austria - 15.jpeg

We have also been in Austria several times, mainly because of the mountains and one of the best family-friendly hotel. Nevertheless, the mountains are beautiful and there is where to walk :)

I think that if we counted the number of our trips, Italy would be at the top of the list. I love its climate, atmosphere and food. There is not the slightest problem with getting vegan food in restaurants or shopping in a shop. Anyway, we eat mainly raw fruit and vegetables, and in Italy it is not difficult to get them :)

Italia - 8.jpeg
Germany - 1.jpeg

Before we moved to Germany (we lived there for two years), we had visited this country many times. I make no secret of the fact that southern Germany has much more to offer (in my opinion) than other parts of this land. I invite you to a few shots below.

We have been to Corsica once and twice in Sardinia. A special backpack was a great help while sightseeing with a child. I am not hiding that my husband had the pleasure of carrying our daughter ;) I was responsible for carrying water and food in my normal backpack.

Corsica and Sardinia - 7.jpeg
Portugal and Spain - 25.jpeg

We only had the opportunity to be once in Portugal, while in Spain, we had the opportunity to be twice (first in the south and then in the north). I put here some pictures from the time of my first pregnancy. Due to this fact and the fact that it is quite far to drive from Poland to Portugal, we decided to take a plane and rent a car on the spot.
The first time we were in Spain, we have visited the south of the country. We flew by plane as well. The third time we were in Spain, we drove with the car from Poland together with our two little children. Of course the route was divided into smaller pieces to make the journey comfortable for everyone.

The whole trip was organised by our beloved friends. Together we set off on a journey that brought a great value to our lives. Apart from the breathtaking views and wonderful sightseeing, we had the opportunity to participate in meetings and ceremonies with local shamans and explore the secrets of spiritual knowledge. The deepest experience we had during that trip, was a several day excursion with backpacks into the jungle of Guatemala. El Mirador was our target. Spartan conditions and the whole adventure, seemingly dangerous and risky, turned out to be a gateway to discovering ourselves and our weaknesses. We have faced who we really deep inside are. Being put in many complicated situations, you can learn a lot about yourself. Something beautiful! I think that everyone should experience something similar in life.

Mexico - 16.jpeg
Malesia - 34.jpeg

These were basically three separate trips. First took place, after completing a diving course in Poland. I went to Egypt with my wonderful diving team.
It was an amazing experience for me and I was hungry for more. That was a trigger, which helped me to make up a decision to organise a trip to Thailand with my sister. We had many challenges, uncertainties and adventures. All the experiences were very positive. I wanted to come back here.
Later, when I met my husband, I did not have to persuade him to go to Thailand.He was open and ready to go. This time the trip took longer time and included three countries: Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. There was no other option but to organise everything by ourselves - we love this form of travel.
There was also time for diving.

Schweiz - 15.jpeg
for more photos I invite you to check my blog out...
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