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Life energy of food- biophotons and Angstrom units


Every living organism has its own unique energy. The quality of this energy can be translated into the health of a particular living organism. Every living organism emits biophotons, which glow at a certain frequency. In the 1980s, the German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp proved the existence of biophotons with his research. The more biophotons there are, the higher the vibration of the organisms concerned. A plant needs light for photosynthesis, while biophotons are needed by EVERY living cell to ensure that all chemical reactions within it are carried out in a perfect order.

We can take as an example a human. A human being who wants energy to circulate properly in his body needs to replenish it in some way. One of the ways humans obtain biophotons is through nutrition. Depending on the food consumed, this level will either increase or decrease. Any food that differs from natural, unprocessed food will have a negative effect on the energy level. Energy deficiencies will arise in the body, which will very quickly be transferred to the physical body - for example, one will immediately feel tired, sleepy, lack of strength, heaviness, or frequent feeling of hunger.

Fritz-Albert Popp has shown that these light particles without mass transmit information to our cells and facilitate communication between them. The results of his research showed that the DNA in a living cell stores and releases photons that produce "biophotonic emissions", which have a decisive influence on our health.

Ideally, the basis of our diet should be seasonal fruits and vegetables that grow in the climate where one lives. Their energetics is then adapted to the needs of the beings that live in this particular area/climate. The fruit or vegetable begins to lose energy as soon as it is picked. Therefore, food eaten directly from the tree, or whose way to you was as short as possible, will be the most valuable. The only exception to this rule is a banana. It increases in nutrition and sugars and consequently in electromagnetic energy after it has been picked unripe. Fruits and vegetables that are frozen when fresh will resume the same level of radiation (electromagnetic energy) when defrosted. But remember that refirgerated foods will slowly deteriorate. I personally try to eat seasionally, but don’t pay too much attention to whether the fruit I have bought is for example from Costa Rica when I live in Europe. If I feel drawn to that specific fruit and I can hear it is calling and I am attracted to it, I buy it and eat it. Besides, anything is better than dead food.

We have been taught that it is the nutrients that indicate the quality of the food, but is it just that? Will food that has been killed, artificially produced in a laboratory or factory, composed of all the micro and macro elements but without the energy of life, be able to nourish us or will it harm us? It is known that thermally processed animal flesh eaten by humans will have the lowest vibration, but cooked vegetables not so low.

Most people are a dump of rotting waste. Do you really want to continue living like this? Is this what you want for yourself and your children?

It is not possible to produce light particles, biophotons, in the laboratory. Living information in the form of photons of sunlight streams is contained in fresh, natural food. Isolated vitamins and various supplements also do not have biophotons. They are dead creations. If you do have to buy some supplements, buy for example organic superfood complex- it is made from the whole fruit itself (the idea is that it should not be anything isolated). Supplementing with manufactured supplements can throw your body's chemistry out of balance.

Maybe these light molecules are the missing link in understanding why nature's gifts when consumed as whole work for us, while isolated substances from it become useless?

Many scientists who study plant substances say that nature is the best chemist. They have the ideal composition of components in the ideal proportions created by Mother Nature, while the isolated components do not. It is a myth that huge amounts of nutrients and lots of food are needed in order to nourish our cells and gain energy. Very little is really enough if we have a healthy and strong digestive system.

So the conclusion is simple - by eating high vibrational foods, we also contribute to increasing our vibrations and the amount of energy our cells need to live and function. Accordingly, the lower the vibration of the food, the more it will lower our energy.


Plants absorb, process and store cosmic radiation, life energy, which we then receive in the process of photoemission. This energy propagates as a wave and can be measured as electromagnetic energy. This electromagnetic energy is rated in units called “angstroms”. The higher the quantity of angstroms a food gives off, the higher the energy of the food. In order to detoxify, heal and regenerate the body, we must raise the electromagnetic energy of the system as a whole. Eating fruits that are high in energy will raise the potential of the body to create new cells!

One of the laws of physics in this universe is the law of balance, homeostasis. The low energy of some foods will lower your systemic energy creating hypoactive or underactive tissue. The more energetic the foods are that you eat, the more vibrant and healthy you become. As we increase the energy of our physical body, we are also lifted up emotionally and consciously. It is also possible to increase the energy of food or drink. For example by pressing fresh lemon juice (that vibrates high) over your meal/ drink.

It has been scientifically proven that human and animal cells emit 6500 A-radiation, according to Fritz Popp. Whereas people who have cancer have about 4875 A. The highest levels of biovital energy are found in wild growing plants, herbs and weeds (wavelength around 10000 A), which has been confirmed by measuring their biophoton emissions. They are immediately followed by raw fruits (wavelength 9000-10000 A) and vegetables (wavelength 8000-9000 A). For comparison I will give Angstrom values for other products. Eggs, butter, milk, cooked vegetables have 3000-6500 A. Caffeine, chocolate, cheese, white bread have below 3000 A. Refined sugar, meat, pasteurised milk, bleached flour, alcohol, conserves have 0 A.

We look at Angstrom/ energy of foods in every meal because we want to feel great, healthy and happy all day – everyday. The vitality you can achieve is indescribable and can only be experienced.

"We live primarily not by substances, particles but by information. [...] It is decisive to store light and to supply the organism with it, because the organism is a being of light”

Professor of biophysics Fritz Albert Popp

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Jan 18

Perfect!! Thank you!!


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meka malone
Jun 25, 2023

Amazing article! Thank you for this critical information. This topic has been fascinating to me for a long

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