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REIKI Life Energy

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

" (...) the healing Energy of Life is the light of love (..) It is always bright and pure. Whoever and whatever comes within its reach is purified. It helps to walk through life with faith, hope and love. It heals the body, soul and mind. It heals the environment in which we live. It heals and purifies our relationships with other people.

Do not try to understand what happens during the transmission of the Life Energy by using your intellect. No human being (regardless of the level of initiation) will be able to comprehend this mystery (...)."

The technique of transmitting the Life Energy disappeared about 2000 years ago. It was rediscovered in the 19th century by Mikao Usui, when he found ancient descriptions in the library of a Tibetan monastery.

It is a technique used regardless of religion. It is used by Buddhists, Christians and many others. Nowadays it is not something people find weird or bad (possessed). We have quantum physics, which explains a great deal within the Energy and fields subject. Nevertheless, we will never, no matter what level of initiation we have, fully understand how this technique works- not in this dimension and in this body on this planet. But when we see the results, then we know it simply works.

Let me start by saying that bioenergotherapy is very much related to REIKI Life Energy but it works on slightly different principles.

In working with other people I use REIKI.

Each one of us has its own Life Energy, of greater or lesser strength. Bioenergotherapist uses his own energy and therefore has to recharge himself. He has a greater risk of taking on someone else's "illness" and is at a greater risk of weakening himself. In order not to damage his own health, he may (should) perform only a few sessions a day.

The REIKI Life Energy, on the other hand, is the energy flowing directly from the Source. I am only an Intermediary in the concentration and transmission of this Energy. I therefore do not use my own resources and do not put myself at any risk. I do not heal or cure. This is done by the Energy. Humility is important here. As in every field, you can find egoistic and hypocritical people as well as humble ones. You just have to be careful in choosing the right person who will do such a session for you.

How do I gather the Life Energy? I have taken the appropriate courses, during which I received a kind of "initiation". Generally speaking, such initiations consist in clearing and activating the energy flow in the centres and channels in a person. Those entitled to initiate others are selected people who have previously been privileged to do so by their so-called "Master".

The Life Energy is not to be transferred when someone does not want it. The person should show interest, willingness to change, to improve himself/herself and his/her health and imbalances. Therefore, I will not perform a session when f.e.a wife asks for it for her husband when he does not want it, EXCEPT when the husband, as a result of an accident or illness, is unconscious or in such a bad condition that he cannot make conscious decisions on his own. The same applies to small children - parents may ask me to perform such a session for their small children.

Health means physical, mental and energetic harmony. "Disease" as defined by REIKI arises as a result of an imbalance, which in turn is caused by a disturbance in the flow of energy through the meridians in the body or in the chakras. Stagnation can also occur between the body and the environment. Often „diseases” in the body can be avoided if we react quickly enough to the symptoms the body sends us. Before something appears in the physical body, it first shows itself in the energy body. If we make REIKI session already at this stage, you can avoid later many physical unpleasantnesses.

Reiki is not only an alternative method of bringing balance to all levels of the body, it is also a sort of a lifestyle. This art uses the Energy of Life based on five principles to follow: just for today I will let go of worry, just for today I will let go of anger, just for today I will give thanks, just for today I will do my work honestly and just for today I will be kind to every living thing. It is an energy that penetrates everything and everyone, but not everyone is able to use it in such a way as to improve their quality of life and health.

The Life Energy sessions take place either in person or remotely. In the case of personal contact, hands are placed on specific places on the body, through which REIKI flows. The person who receives the Energy may feel tingling, cold, warmth, sometimes a slight pressure. However, it is always a pleasant and very relaxing feeling. The remote REIKI session takes place using the person's data and/or photo. Both methods are equally effective, with personal, face-to-face contact perhaps being more noticeable. This is because the person has scheduled the time to himself, nobody and nothing disturbs her/him thanks to which is more relaxed and present in the moment. We listen to pleasant music in the background, we can talk (but many times people fall asleep)... the psychological effect works here. However, the quality of the transmission of the Life Energy itself is no different whether someone is with me in person or whether I do it from a distance (like from another city, country or continent).

Like any other natural method in bringing the body to the balance, this energy promotes purification. Therefore, I often use it additionally in detox or diet/lifestyle consultations.

It is a wonderful gift for which I am truly grateful. I received my initiation in 2009 and I have been supporting those who need and want it ever since.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me.

With Love,


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