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Barefoot walking. Barefoot shoes.

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

As we know from quantum physics, the human body is a collection of energy and our cells vibrate. Looking further, the earth we walk on is also a collection of cells that vibrate. If we walk barefoot, there is an energy exchange. Simply put, we give up negative energy, which we collect during the day, and we take up positive energy.

According to Ayurveda, there are a lot of reflex points on our feet, which form a kind of map of organs in our body. By walking barefoot, we massage these points, stimulating specific organs to work better and to detoxify. Additionally, we improve the blood supply to the feet and exercise our muscles, which work completely different without shoes. Our feet have changed over the centuries. Since man has put on shoes and wears them almost all the time, the bottom the foot has become softer and more delicate, not to mention the shape of the foot itself. As a result of wearing shoes with a hard sole, and the heels (even small) together with all other inconveniences, the way we walk has changed, which has a negative impact on our spine.

When walking barefoot or in minimalistic shoes (imitating barefoot walking, shoes), we should walk by putting our foot from the toe and not from the heel - who has already tried it knows that it is not so easy, but you can clearly feel then the lack of shocks in the spine.

I personally bought Leguano shoes, but mainly because in the city where I lived, I had this store very close to me. I will certainly buy VibramFiveFingers in the near future, although only with the assumption of wearing them during mountain expeditions - the five-finger shoes look a bit comical :) However, they are incredibly comfortable and the feeling of not having a shoe is intensified here.

My children also have a pair of Leguano shoes. This is a sensational gymnastics for such a young, newly formed feet. It is not a cheap purchase, but worth investing in. The legs are really resting. I walked in these shoes for 3 months and when I had to put on other shoes one day, I felt terribly embarrassed. So much so that my head started to ache. I did not dare to buy them for the winter period. Here in Switzerland it can be really cold and somehow the shoes with a normal thick sole (to isolate from the cold) appeal to me more. But as soon as it gets warmer, I jump back into my beloved soft and elastic shoes :)

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