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Exercise, movement, lymph and Human Growth Hormone

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Movement is health. Without the movement, we would die in our own sewage.

Our blood system has a pump, a heart that pumps and moves the blood. The lymphatic system, which is three times bigger than the blood system (!!!), unfortunately does not have such a luxury. We are designed in such a way that to move the lymph, we have to move our ass :)

The lymph is a very important liquid in our body, which collects all toxins and waste. Unfortunately, modern medicine knows little about it and often even ignores it very much. At the moment, the only known method to check the condition of the lymphatic system is iridology (iris examination). To avoid stagnation, we need moderate movement to help the lymphatic system get rid of unwanted substances from the body. Morning revitalizing and aerobic exercises, during which we can slightly sweat, are ideal to keep the body in balance.

Assuming that we run Interminnent Fasting and let our body rest during the night hours, we contribute to the production of HGH (human growth hormone = growth hormone), which is responsible for magical repair processes in our body. To obtain it, we should be more than 12 hours without food (preferably in a dry food window), because then our body is able to produce it the most. It is worth mentioning at the very beginning that insulin excludes HGH. If we eat something, the HGH immediately drops.

This is also important information for people who would like to build up their muscle mass. (Yes, yes, exactly - trainings, before we start eating). In fact, it would be best to wait a few more hours after the workout and only then eat a meal. When I first found out about it, it seemed absurd. But I soon realised that it was just another programme that 'education' had imposed on me. Just as absurd as the myth of frequent eating every 2-3 hours. And there are still so many people who believe in it...

I personally try to excersize 5-6 times a week, usually from Monday to Friday (sometimes on Saturday). Usually at weekends we organize our own mountain expeditions. I treat them rather as a rest from the exercises I do during the week. We always do expeditions with children, so they are not difficult.

Walking, walking is very important. It is estimated that a person should take at least 8000 steps a day (and preferably 15 000). During walks you can do some interval exercises. I used to like running very much. I used to run almost every day for 8 kilometres. However, now that I am discovering more and more information, I come to the conclusion that man is not a species that would be adapted to such a long lasting effort. Man wanders.

We are adapted to cover long distances by walking. Not running. Running is ok, but as it is in the form of intervals. 60 seconds of march and 20 seconds of fast running to the max, then again 60 seconds of march and 20 seconds of fast running and so on several times. I do not want to write here that running is unhealthy. I simply think that something else is more appropriate for us. Besides, our body likes moderate movement the most. I recommend daily, lively walks. Maybe as a new habit before bedtime?

Resting from exercise is also important. The body must have time to regenerate, because otherwise we can put our body under too much stress (literally, too much physical effort is stressing our body).

From time to time, after exercising and warm/cold showers, I like to lie down on a mat with spikes. It is an excellent stimulation that relieves tension, improves blood circulation, stimulates the lymph and breaks down subcutaneous stasis.

It is nice to combine it with dry brushing. And it would be best to go to the sauna afterwards. But this is the whole package, for which I rarely have time.

Last but not least, I make 5 Tibetan Rites and Bates Eye Method (to correct my vision) every day. The Bates Method I do reccomend to anyone who has problems with acute vision. This method consists of special exercises, which act like a gym for our eyes. Yes, we do have special muscles inside our eyes and if we do not train them, they eventually become weaker and weaker. You can really get rid of your glasses. 5 Tibetan Rites consists of a sequence of five exercises performed 21 times. It is said that theywere created by Tibetan monks (lamas) more then 2500 years ago. It increases body energy through activating the chakras.

So, dearly beloved, let us remember that our body has incredible possibilities for self-healing. If we create the right conditions for it, it will surely repay us.

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