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Detox or illness

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

How are "diseases" treated? If I have a headache, is the solution to take the pill or find the cause and address it first? Who knows a doctor who, instead of prescribing drugs for a "disease", tries to find the cause? There are no incurable "diseases" (maybe except for the very advanced stage of cancer). If someone tells you that you have an incurable "disease", I advise you to run away, because it means that the person does not fully understand how the human body works. But back to the topic ... Is "disease" the same as detox? I am crazy that I made such a statement! But is it really crazy?

Let's first consider what a "disease" really is? The disease is the result of how we handeld with our body before. I omit here cases of diseases that we have no control over, such as Down syndrome, or permanent body deformities that someone has had from birth. However, it accounts for 3% of all diseases. We ourselves are responsible for 97%.

We may be born with some predisposition to have dysfunctions in the body. The result of it lays mainly in the course of pregnancy and how it was carried out (for example, mom's nutrition). In the above case, some of our organs may just turn out to be weaker, which does not mean that we will get ill. If my grandmother and mother had asthma, it doesn't mean that I will also get it. It just means that I may be more predisposed to getting ill. But everything ultimately depends on how we conduct ourselves.

So in most cases there is no such thing as "disease". "Disease" is nothing more than the result of an imbalance in the body that has arisen as a result of: problems at the lymphatic (toxin) level, stress, or malnutrition at the cellular level.

I will briefly start with the latter - is the quantity or quality of food the determinant of providing the right amount of food? Definitely quality. If it were otherwise, all people who are obese should enjoy excellent health because the amount of food they eat is enormous. Often, however, these people suffer from malnutrition. The nutritional value of food cannot be absorbed by the body because the food is bad and nothing works properly at the level of absorption. Everything is stuck and clogged, and the constantly high level of insulin in the blood additionally intensifies cell malnutrition. So many people suffer from insulin resistance and are not even aware of that. Why nobody told them? Why we do not have lessons at the primary schools to learn about such basics? I will leave it as an opek question, because the pharma industry would definetaly not like the answer.

We also experience imbalance due to the stress and toxins that accumulate in our body. Lymph collects toxins and impurities from the blood (blood pH must be constant, so it must be protected at first) and transports it to the lymph nodes to be transported further. The liver is the main filtering organ for toxins in our body. The liver is very brave and does a great job. However, if we exceed a certain level above which our liver can no longer do its work, problems begin. If we also have poorly functioning elimination organs (the main elimination organs are the kidneys, excretory system, skin and lungs), our body tries to stuff toxins where it can. Most often in adipose tissues, but also in the form of tumors, cysts, etc. The lymph begins to thicken, and in some places it may stagnate. Stagnation can also occur in the lymph nodes.

Each case should be "considered" separately. Nevertheless, in the most general terms, we should start by eliminating the foods that brought us to this state. By introducing fruits that are rich in structured water (that is, one that our cell recognizes and receives. Normal water is not recognized by the cell), we initiate the detoxification process. We can also use the water from fresh coconuts, but not the one from the box, but straight from the coconut. In general, coconuts and herbs are the only foods for humans that have not been modified. They contain primary information that is immediately recognized by the cells of our body.

And now to the point: what symptoms may we encounter during a detox? Headaches, runny nose, temperature, muscle aches, cough ... wait a minute is it not the same as flu? Cold? Or detox? What if the so-called flu and colds are just a regular detox that started by our body because it had too many toxins? In addition, there were the right conditions and triggers that sparked this cleaning process. We should not be afraid od viruses and bacteria, but that is a much larger subject, that I do not want to start now. Anyway, do you understand this analogy?

I will mention stress for a moment, because it is an important piece of the puzzle. Under the influence of stress, our body enters the "escape from the bear" mode. Hormones are produced (the most important in this case are adrenaline and cortisol), which are designed to quickly switch our body into survival mode. The heart begins to beat faster, the energy is pumped to the muscles that are tense and ready to fight or flee. The other organs cannot function normally because their energy source has been cut off ... If it is a short-term phenomenon, it is ok. However, if we are permanently in survival mode for days, months or even years, there is no chance that it will not have a negative impact on our health.

Therefore, the concept of stress in life is an extremely important factor in creating an imbalance. There are many techniques for reducing stress and dealing with it. It is definitely worth mentioning here conscious breathing, meditation, walking, light exercise and stretching, positive thinking, or any other form that will put us in a state of relaxation.

Remember that stress likes to accumulate in the muscles! Each of us should perform simple exercises every day, alternating with stretching. It should be a routine. If someone wants to train more intensively, he should do aerobic exercises in the morning, and strength exercises in the afternoon (to build muscles). It is best to do exercises before eating, because HGH (Human Growth Hormone) does its best works then, but I wrote more about it the other article Intermittent fasting.

Apart from relieving stress, physical exercise and movement in general fulfill one more very important function: they set the lymph in motion. The circulatory system has its own pump - the heart. The lymphatic system does not have any pump. We are the pump, and if we don't move, the lymph won't move either. If the lymph doesn't move, it won't eliminate the toxins from our body and we'll sink into our own sewage. The most important pumps of the lymphatic system are in the groin and armpits. Therefore, when walking, it is worth moving your arms and legs intensively, lifting your knees high. As a young girl, my kidneys were very weak. Clogged liver and poorly functioning excretory system. The result was skin problems because there was simply no way to get the toxins out of the body. Clogged nose which I had for a few years to the level I could not breathe without nose drops. Eternal pimples, acne, dry and cracked skin (acids came out through the skin), terrible dark circles under the eyes and a few other ailments ... Due to my previous lifestyle, I brought myself to this and no other state. Fortunately, I have found my path, which I am following now and shareing with you, all the time learning through my own experience.

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