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Heavy metal cleanse

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

We all know what times we live in. Environmental contamination is rather high. And what is related to this, the foods we eat are also not of the same quality as they used to be. Heavy metals are something we can't really eliminate completely from our lives. They occur not only in food, but also in water, air, cosmetics, cleaning products, clothes, vaccines, medicines, dental fillings, etc. Therefore, it is worth taking a treatment that cleans the body of heavy metals from time to time.

The easiest and safest way is to make a shake of a bunch of green coriander, a teaspoon of chlorella and some fruit for 40 days (children can also drink it). Such a shake should be drunk as the first meal and wait at least 30 minutes after it is finished. After 6 months, the "treatment" can be repeated.

cilantro has the amazing ability to extract heavy metals from cells and intercellular spaces, while chlorella binds them and removes them from the body.

Another way is to use EDTA, however, it is intended for adults only and using it without first consulting an experienced person may not be the best solution. Not everybody is prepared for it and you can endure it really badly. Let's always try to find the simplest solutions. What nature gives us will always be simple and beneficial in its unprocessed form.

We used the 40-day smoothie detox with the whole family. We didn't have any major cleansing symptoms here, just a little cold appeared.

It should be added here that cilantro is quite a specific herb. From observation I can say that you either hate it or you adore it. Initially, I didn't like cilantro. But I must admit that flavors can really change and change dramatically. Currently, I really like cilantro and I boldly add it to salads or sauces, but not every day. Must match the current menu, for example when I make raw falafels :)

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