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Raw vegan food & trekking in the mountains

I often receive questions about what sort of food do I take for a day hike in the mountains, since I eat mostly just fruit. The answer is: I mainly pack only fruit To give you an example, here are some photos with a breakdown of what I, my husband and the kids ate.

Me and husband (total for 2 person): - watermelon rind juice (about 2 litres) - green grapes (2 kg) - 1 and 1/3 pineapple

Children (total for 2 person): - 1 liter of orange juice drank in the morning (each kid 500ml) - 2/3 of pineapple - red grapes (1 kg) - 1 melon Cantalupe - dates (about 10 pieces)

My husband and I didn't start eating until around 12, while the kids started earlier. We often eat watermelon one day and drink rind juice the next. I always have dried fruits with me, just in case someone doesn't have enough fresh fruit and needs more energy. At the end of the trip when we arrived at home we ate zucchini pasta with carbonara sauce (all raw). If the trips are really long (from early morning till the late evening), then I prepare the food earlier and we take it with us - sometimes it is all raw and sometimes partially cooked.

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