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Raw vegan spaghetti carbonara


- Zucchini-Spaghetti (from 3 zucchinis) - 1 cup oat flakes (soaked overnight in water) or 1 cup cashews - 1/3 cup nutritional yeast (dried flakes) - some water - pinch of good quality salt or Kala Namak salt (if you have too much sulphur in your body I do not reccomend using Kala Namak salt) - freshly grounded black pepper - freshly chopped parsley - sun-dried tomatoes cut in pieces (soaked in water overnight) - smoked paprika powder - fresh tomatoes - alpha-alpha sprouts

- juice from 1 lemon (or less) - mushrooms - 3 cloves of garlic - soy sauce

How to make it?

1. Chop mushrooms into slices, sprinkle with soy sauce and mix with 2 minced cloves of garlic. Leave it for 2 hours to marinate. Stir and put into dehydrator. Dry for about 4 hours in 41 degrees C. or how long you desire. 2. Prepare raw Zucchini-Spaghetti using special spiralizer. Leave it in a bowl. 3. Rinse oat flakes on a sieve with fresh water and let it drain (make likewise with cashews in case you decide to use them instead of oat flakes) 4. Put oat flakes (or cashews), nutritional yeast, some water (for desired consistency), pinch of salt or kala namak salt, 1 clove of garlic, freshly grounded black pepper, juice from 1 lemon in a blender and mix into a smooth sauce. 5. Mix spaghetti with the sauce in a bowl. 6. Put spaghetti in the middle of a plate. All around it put as follows: freshly chopped tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes sprinkled with smoked paprika powder, alpha-alpha sprouts, dried mushrooms and freshly chopped parsley. You can add some more black pepper if you like.

ENJOY the raw!

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