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Sun, celery juice and witamin D

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Anthony William wrote about the beneficial effects of celery juice in his book about the celery juice power. Its main advantage is its beneficial effect on all ailments related to digestion, but not only. It facilitates the absorption of vitamins and minerals, supports the kidneys, adrenal glands, bladder and thyroid gland. Because, as I wrote earlier in my posts, most of the imbalances ("diseases") come from a malfunctioning lymphatic system (which in turn is affected by how we eat), this juice, through its beneficial effects on the digestive system, contributes to the improvement a whole lot of ailments. Celery juice is great for rehydration after a workout, as well. Personally, I think you shouldn't overdo it either. When you consume a lot of salt and have a lot of sodium in your body, too much of celery juice would be not the best idea.

We have all decided to try for a year to drink the juice of this magic green plant every day. About 500ml for us, and about 250-300ml of our children. Since my daughters are used to all sorts of weird health ideas from me, they have adopted celery juice without much trouble.

We started drinking celery juice in December 2019 and finished it in December 2020. It is good to do this one-year treatment, but then drink it only occasionally, or when we clearly feel like it. For a long time, I loved drinking celery, apple and lemon juice. The celery itself did not go to me. However, after a few days I got used to its taste and it didn't bother me anymore. Not that I couldn't wait to drink it, but it was just neutral to me. I think the reason was that we started drinking it while we were on a three-week trip in Italy, and the celery there looks a little different - it is dark green and has powerful leaves, even more intense. This juice made your face turn, and you had to really be motivated to drink it. Nevertheless, one of the most wonderful things I have noticed is that during spring and summer we could stay in the full sun all day long without applying any oils to our skin, which was always beautifully brown. It never turned red or came off. It was something new and incredibly comfortable for me. I think we will also be drinking celery juice before the next summer, but not that long. I think we will start a month before summer so that we can enjoy the sun again without fear. However you shouldn't overdo staying in the direct sun for too long - you need to strike a balance. Too much sun will acidify the body, and we don't want that.

My children have been eating or chewing celery sticks from the very young age. It was a great experience and relief for the growing teeth.

And the sun is important ... so important, and people smear themselves with creams of strange origin, not realizing what harm they are doing to their body, which needs so much natural vitamin D from the sun, and not from pills, capsules or drops ...

The topic of vitamin D is very controversial. Opinions jump from the extreme to the extreme (to supplement or not to supplement), and a person must find himself in all of this. We personally do not supplement, and as soon as an opportunity arises, even in winter, we gather the sun's rays. Some time ago I have encountered the information that we shouldn't be wearing sunglasses. It took me some time to get my eyes used to the sun. At the moment I can say that I use them very rarely. Some minor exceptions are e.g. in the snow, sometimes when driving, or in the very strong direct sun. I have to exercise them slowly. However, I always try to use the cap at first, without a hat, so that the absorption of sunlight is not bocked. Sunglasses have become an integral part of fashion. This gadget has been unnecessarily introduced, making people's eyes very weak and dependent.

So beloved, glasses and hats off, we take vitamin D (to build up supplies for the winter) and drink celery juice for the summer to enjoy the benefits of the sun rays!

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