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Immunity boost

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

In order to get the high immunity level, we need to cleanse the body (detox). It is simply because the immune system is dependent on how quickly the lymph system is able to eliminate the waste. Therefore the first thing we have to keep in mind if we talk about the body's immunity is the state of the lymphatic system.

Any lymphatic congestion that is not taken care of, will sooner or later lead to health problems. With the wrong diet, it is not difficult for this to happen. What do I call a wrong diet? The opposite of a proper diet :) In the simplest terms - fruit, fruit and more fruit. Fruits have the potency to dissolve lymphatic stagnation, rehydrate cells and cleanse the intestines. By providing such food, you alkalize your body. All animal based products and even vegan cooked foods (such as grains- when not sprouted, rice, and even legumes), all flour products (whether whole grain or not), anything fried, and even nuts when eaten too much (or too often) will create acids in the body. Acids in turn lead to lymphatic stagnation and formation of mucus. Inflammation is also the body's defensive response to too much acids accumulated in the body.

When excess mucus accumulates in you and you start eating fruit, do not be surprised if you get a "runny nose" or a cough with a lot of mucus going out from you. This happens because the fruit has astringent properties - that is, it collects mucus from the whole body, which tries to remove it through the available pathways. Sometimes this is a very long process, which can last for years. We are not able to clean out everything that we have accumulated in ourselves since the birth in a very short time. Not in this world.

You should bring more attention to the state of your skin as well, by performing for example dry brushing. Thanks to that, you stimulate the lymph and eliminate the unnecessary dead and dry tissue. Remember the skin is your elimination organ as well (so called the third kidney). Use only natural soap, with essential oils.

The fruits will help you take care of your GI track (you could support it as well by doing enemas). However, eating fruit alone may not be enough in the recovery or detox process. Herbs (along with coconuts) are the only plants that have not been hybridised by man. In other words, they have their original unmodified structure, so supporting the detox process with them can work wonders. Not only will it be easier and more effective, but cell regeneration will occur much faster. You can buy herbs or pick them by yourself (if you know which ones). When I go to the woods, I do pick them occasionally (and teach my daughters about it), but for the scale of making my own tinctures, I buy them, as it would be simply too much to deal with in terms of searching.

There is a lot of talk about cleansing the organs in the body, such as the liver, but many people forget about the glands. The regeneration of the glands, together with the cleansing of the lymph, the improvement of absorption and flow in the intestines and the filtration of the kidneys is crucial and fundamental in any recovery.

However, kidney filtration is number one. If the kidneys are not filtering properly, we should not start the detox process, because instead of excreting the released toxins outside, they will keep circulating within the body.

Many factors can affect the kidney state, but one of the most important is the diet and stress. How to check if your kidneys are filtering properly? Firstly, it is best to spend the whole day on fruits. The next day first thing in the morning, urinate in a jar and put it in the fridge, or put it outside (if it is cold). After a minimum of 4 hours (preferably 6-8) you can check the the jar. The colour is not particularly important in this case. What is important is whether your urine is clear, or there is sediment on the bottom (in the form of a"cloud" or suspension). The rule is: the bigger the sediment, the better for you. If your urine is clear - your kidneys are not filtering as they should have.

There are many theories on how to restore kidney filtration. Of course herbs come along to the rescue here. Mixtures work better, rather than drinking nettle tea alone. Tinctures (either alcohol or glycerine based) are more effective. However, the cheapest and the most effective way is dry fasting, minimum 12 hours. And I am not talking about a one-time fast, but a regular, daily habit.

Your kidneys work all the time. They get tired if you consume too much fluid. They rest and regenerate only during sleep, because then you don't drink. I practice daily dry fasting for 16-20 hours. I absolutely do not recommend this for beginners. First you have to hydrate yourself in order to be able to switch to the good side of power. By hydration I do not mean drinking water (I hardly ever drink water, only what I add to my herbal tea), but hydration from drinking fresh fruit juices or eating whole fruits (for people with diabetes eating whole fruits is a better solution for the beginning, because the fibre content regulates the sugar release). On the other hand, anyone can do a 12-hour dry fast and make it a habit. It is not difficult - just stop drinking (and eating) at 6pm in the evening and wait until 6am - I think anyone can do it.

Once you have restored filtration, you can get down to detoxing and regenerating to rebuild proper immunity. There is a reason why it is said that immunity comes from the gut. Here we have the bacterial flora and the absorption of nutrients. Imagine that the walls of your intestine are clogged with mucus from the junk food or other chemicals. How could the nutrients be absorbed then? Well, they will not be absorbed. This is why it is so important what we eat and how we eat it. This is why so many people suffer from malabsorption and malnutrition at the cellular level. Not to mention the bacterial flora, which in many cases consists of improper or insufficient colonies, far from the original ones that should populate our intestines. But everything can be restored.

Remember that the most important thing is to change your diet. If you do not change your diet permanently, you will not be able to get rid of all that has accumulated during your life so far. All the „diseases” are the result of lymph stagnation and acidosis. If you do not have a chronic disease, where the sentence of several months or weeks of life hangs over you, change your diet gradually and slowly, but effectively. Such a process will be gentler for the body and, what is equally important and crucial: for the mind.

Start with bringing in the rigth food combinations, introduce fresh fruits and freshly squeezed juices for the first meal, eat more leafy green vegetables, eliminate all dairy products (they are the number one product when it comes to making the body slimy and acidic). Give up meat, then fish and eggs.

Stop for a moment and look at how far man has gone, making food junk and complicated, when it could be so simple and healthy. Start with your diet. Grab some fruit. Don't be afraid of them and don't let yourself be told that natural foods created by nature can harm you. Immunity comes from the gut. If your kidneys start to filter, move your lymph and strengthen your glands, you will start to come back into harmony, your body will start to cleanse itself and immunity will come back itself, strengthen. Your body is a wonderful machine. If you create the right conditions for it, it will lead you gracefully and healthily through a long and happy life.

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