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Parasites, worms and fungus(Candida) in a few words

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Nowadays more and more wise doctors notice a connection between a "dis-ease" and the presence of parasites, worms or fungus. This is very optimistic, that finally this subject is comming out into the light.

The first thing one has to realize, that if one has any kind of parasite or worm or fungus overgrowth- it is ones fault only! Sad, but true.

Another thing is that one has to stop blaming these creatures for what they do, because they do only what they are designed to do. In fact they help in a way, because they eat the excessive trash that one carries inside. On the other hand, by their work and living they create toxins and make the body weak. They influence the fluids, cells, tissues, organs and even the brain (they can connect to our nervous system and create for us the feeling of craving for certain types of foods that they need).

The good news is that there is a way to reverse it! There is one simple thing to be done- cut off their fuel source and change the diet. Start to eat living raw plant based food. Hydration, alkalisation and detoxification is here the most important.

Junk food, complex starch, processed fats and sugars are the welcome sign for parasites. They love acidity and fermentation. Anything from eggs, dairy, meat, to beans, grains and potatoes will welcome these invaders. All fermented foods like cheese, yoghurt, fermented veggies and drinks, will additionally cause fungus overgrowth (Candida). I personally stopped eating fermented vegetables some time ago, it fell off my menu on its own. My children will sometimes eat it (very rarely) and I let them, because they also eat processed foods. If a person is not totally raw vegan, then actually eating sauer-cucumbers can help the bowels, but it is not a long-term solution. We should eat such foods so that we are able to digest them ourselves, without adding anything extra to help the digestion. But that is a separate extensive topic to discuss, perhaps in another post.

Whenever we talk about the fungus, we have to remember about the sulfur. Man accumulate it from antibiotics, cosmetics, chemicals, etc. creating very pleasant conditions for it to grow. Sulfur causes body stiffness, problems with joints, problems with nutrients absorbtion and digestion, gases and bloating.

Moreover, if one eats dead animals, one can be sure, that one carries worms inside. The body is then full of putrefaction and mucus, causing acidosis.

Do all of the above feed on simple sugars like fruit sugar? NO! That is the beauty of it! Raw fruits alkalise the body. We need alkalisation, because only then we can reverse the conditions we have created inside us, which have made the culturing medium for the parasites, worms and fungus.

The best way to get rid of it all is to switch to raw food diet, especially those fruits with astringent properties like citrus, grapes and melons. Herbs are extremely helpful (tinctures especially) to boost the glandular system (adrenal glands especially to fix sugar metabolism), organs, stimulate the lymph and get the kidneys to filter and eliminate properly. Enema would be a good choice as well to help with the flow of things.

So do not be mad at the creatures, they only do their job. You can do yours by eating the right food, getting rid of the acidosis and bringing the balance into your life!

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