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Part 2. Alternative history of the origin of humankind. Lemuria. Atlantis. The great flood.

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

***You can find Polish translation of the article at the bottom of the page***

***Polskie tłumaczenie artykułu znajdziecie w załączniku na końcu strony***


The first person to mention Atlantis was Plato. He got the information from Solon, who in turn got it from his ancient Egyptian friends. They spoke of the land of Atlantis, which prospered 11 600 years ago. This was roughly the period of melting during the Ice Age when the global flood occurred.

Thoth's emerald tablets show that Atlantis was located in the Atlantic Ocean. Drunvalo Melchizedek tells the same version. Part of it, however, is hidden under the Antarctic ice. Geologists have discovered remains of ancient mosses and plant tissues in Antarctica, suggesting that some time ago, Antarctica was a warm continent.

In 1513, Admiral and cartographer Piri Reis drew part of a map of Antarctica in ice-free conditions in great detail. At the time his map was made, however, Antarctica was covered with ice. The last time this land was free of ice was around 6000 BC. (i.e. also long before the rise of the Sumerian civilisation). To this day it is not known how Piri knew what that part of the Earth looked like, as Antarctica was not discovered until about 300 years later. Unfortunately, Piri did not provide a source of information for drawing his map. Therefore, there is no way for us to verify this.

Some time ago there was a very famous story with the Fitbit app, which shows, based on GPS coordinates, the route you take when for example jogging. Fitbit showed paths in Antarctica, in the middle of nowhere, where there was no structure/building/base on the surface that could be seen with the naked eye. The path was very regular and not randomly shaped, suggesting that the person using the Fitbit app was doing sport activities (jogging?) in some sort of underground base. Why an underground secret base in Antarctica? Under a glacier? However, the path was briefly accessible. At someone's behest it was removed from the Fitbit portal.

At the time of the sinking of Lemuria there were 1000 Ascended Masters called Neecals. They were at a very high level of consciousness. When the land of Atlantis emerged on the surface of the Earth, it was they who began to create our new home there. During a very deep meditation, they managed to create an energy field called the tree of life. 10 vortexes of energy appeared which attracted people from the former Lemuria to come and settle in this new place. Each person went to the vortex that was most suitable for their consciousness (which, incidentally, was still very low). Eight vortexes were settled. The other two, however, could not remain empty. They were vortices that attracted energy and this void had to be filled.

The people who chose to live on Atlantis chose it because of the its energy was matching their own one. It is worth mentioning here that the whole Earth also emanates its own energy (kundalini). In the place where it comes to the surface, the people who live there become spiritual leaders and develop a very high consciousness. At that time, the Earth chose Atlantis as the new energy centre of the planet. After Atlantis, the new energy centre moved to the mountains of Tibet.

According to Thoth, two extraterrestrial races entered the two empty vortexes. One of them was the Hebrews, who evolved very high in technology, but not very high in the right part of the brain responsible for spirituality (the human brain is divided into two parts: the right and left cerebral hemispheres. The right cerebral hemisphere is responsible for spiritual development, consciousness, contact with our Higher Self, intuition, feelings and love, etc. The left cerebral hemisphere is very logical, analytical, 'hard-headed', rational, a bit like our mind). They couldn't move up the evolutionary ladder, so they had to rework everything from scratch. That's why they were drawn to one of the two empty vortexes. They taught the Lemurians many things related to the left side of the brain that the Lemurians did not yet know. Both Hebrews and Lemurians drew many benefits from living together and brought no problems to each other.

According to Thoth, the second vortex was filled by beings from Mars. Mars about 1,000,000 years ago was just like the Earth. There were plants on it, clean water, etc. However, the Martians destroyed their planet and made it no longer suitable for life. The Martians were very special creatures. They conducted an experiment that eventually proved to be the reason for the catastrophe of their planet. This experiment is called the Lucifer experiment. What is it based on? When a soul decides to cut itself off from the unity of consciousness and act on its own, it has every right to do so, as it has free will and no limitations. The thing is, every time this experiment is conducted, it always ends in failure. This is because such beings then use only the left side of the brain, making them very greedy, with a negative attitude, without compassion and love, and as a result they are able to kill each other without scruples.

The Martians wanted to create merkaba. A merkaba is a star tetrahidion of energy around the body. With it you can change dimensions and travel through the universe. It is a tool, but also a part of every being. Since the Martians cut themselves off from the consciousness of the universe, they could not create a living merkaba, but only a synthetic one, using their technology. They wanted to travel through time and space to find a new home. This is how they were drawn to the last empty vortex on Atlantis. However, only a few thousand Martians managed to pass through the merkaba.

Scientists have now discovered that Mars has no magnetic fields, yet its surface is magnetised. This proves that at some point something must have happened there that left the surface of this planet with strong magnetism. Perhaps the construction of the merkaba discussed above? Maybe the wars they waged on Mars among themselves using powerful and dangerous weapons?

The first thing they wanted to do after arriving on Atlantis was to start a war, so that they could then claim the right to rule the island. Because of the small number of Martians, they were unable to carry out their plan. The Atlantians managed to defeat them, but could not send them back.

The Martians began to implement their technology based on the left side of the brain on Atlantis. The result was that, as time went on, the Atlantians began to perceive things through the prism of the left side of the brain, instead of the right, as before. With this, the Martians step by step began to take control of Atlantis. The Atlantians were treated as inferior beings. Both races hated each other. But the Martians were not interested in discovering the feelings, they simply could not understand them.

26 000 years ago the next phase began-the Earth was in the precession of the equinoxe. Humans at that time had not developed their consciousness much. Thoth lived on Atlantis for a very long time and claims to have seen the polar shift 5 times. The polar shift can explain the sinking of Lemuria and the creation of Atlantis, because when the rotation of the earth is disturbed and altered, many catastrophic events take place (including the sinking and rising of the Earth's surface).

Edgar Cayce, through channeling, received information from other dimensions that a pole shift would occur again in the near future. Scientists became interested in this subject and concluded that if a pole shift was to occur, it must be related to a change in the Earth's electromagnetic field. By studying the lava layers, the scientists were able to determine that in the past the magnetic fields were not where they are now, but in Hawaii. They dated this pole shift to 13 000 years ago (when the collapse of consciousness occurred). They went a step further and discovered that 26 000 years ago there was also another pole shift. The pole shift happens very quickly, even overnight, rotating 180 or 90 degrees. They also discovered that there have been multiple polar shifts in the distant past, which always coincide with shifts in consciousness.

One day, a small part of Atlantis sank into the ocean. Seeing this, many people panicked thinking that they would lose the whole continent (just like Lemuria). Because of the change in state of consciousness, the worst thing for the people was the loss of connection with the future, as a result of which they were unable to predict potential things that could happen. Between 16 000 -13 000 years ago, a comet approached the Earth. The Atlantians claimed that the comet was in divine order and they must let it hit the Earth, naturally, if it was to happen. The Martians, on the other hand, wanted to destroy this comet with their laser technology. A great argument broke out because of the difference of opinion, but in the end the Martians had to give way and agreed that the comet would hit the Earth and they would not disturb this order. Several fragments of the comet hit Atlantis, exactly where the Martians were living. Today, scientists have evidence that there was indeed a comet about 13 000 years ago that hit the Earth near where Charlstone is located in America. (The west coast of the USA, near Atlantis). Pieces of that comet are still found there today. But coming back to the subject… A huge part of the Martian population was killed. Those who survived flew into a rage and announced that they would never listen to the Atlantians again and that from now on they were working on their own. They were really furious and decided that they would take over the Earth. They started to build complexes, similar to those on Mars, in order to create a synthetic merkaba. However, it had been about 50,000 Earth years since they had last created such a merkaba and they had almost completely forgotten how to build it. They themselves, on the other hand, were convinced that they were building everything correctly. At some point they lost control over the power of the merkaba, which led to a huge explosion.

As a result of the explosion there was a rift in the interdimensional levels, unfortunately the lower ones. Huge number of souls and beings from the second dimension were drawn into our 3rd dimensional world. These energies needed a body in order to survive, so they began to automatically enter the bodies of the Atlantians. From that moment on, each body was inhabited by hundreds of energies from the lower dimension. Terrible times began, there was a collapse of human consciousness to the lowest possible of all levels.

When merkaba is created with unity consciousness, it is formed internally, from the level of love. When it is formed externally, purely technically, it no longer has the energy of love in it. As a result, it can become unstable very quickly. The place where the Martians tried to take over the planet and create a synthetic merkaba was on one of the Atlantian islands, which is now known as the Bermuda Triangle. The tip of the tetrahidion still emerges there today, causing powerful electromagnetic discharges at that location. This energy imbalance is interdimensional. Whoever ends up there can suddenly find himself in another dimension and never come back from it. Merkaba is still at the bottom there, but this will soon be corrected.

The Neecals have managed to bring most of the souls and beings back to their dimensions and seal the interdimensional breach. Because the Neecals achieved immortality, they were able to keep their bodies in eternal youth and health for as long as they wished and chose to leave their physical bodies whenever they wanted. During reincarnation they did not suffer great memory loss as humans do.

The effect of the merkaba explosion was felt in every area of life. Everyone began to fall ill with very strange diseases, and the entire Earth became impossible to sustain further life. The Neecals did not know what to do, so they began to meditate to the higher energies for help. Help was given by beings from the 11th and 12th dimensions. They said that humanity would have to start the path of its development from the beginning. It will fall to the lowest possible level. In addition, humanity would no longer think with the predominance of the right side of the brain, only the left. The worst part, however, was that because we were in the process of precession, we would have only 13 000 years to return to Christ Consciousness. Under normal conditions for the species it takes hundreds of thousands of years to achieve this. If we do not succeed, we will not survive. Something like that has never happened before in the entire universe. Ever…

Back to Atlantis itself. The main part of Atlantis was the island of Udal, with the city of Posidion where the Neecals lived. It consisted of three circles. The middle circle represented the Neecals, the middle circle the Maya and the outer circle the Atlantians. The Maya were the intermediaries and passed messages to the Atlantians from the Neecals. When Atlantis sank, the Maya took the crystal skull (in which all knowledge of Atlantis was recorded) and the Maya calendar and went to another land - the Yucatan peninsula. Their calendar is the most detailed and advanced calendar on the planet and has its roots precisely in Atlantis.

Plato writes in his writings that the main city of Atlantis had three districts, each separated by water. To the north of Atlantis were mountains and to the south were flatlands. The Atlantians built canals connecting the districts of their city to the sea and bridges between the districts wide and high enough for ships to pass freely. In addition, he mentioned that Atlas was the first king of Atlantis and divided power among his brothers, creating a powerful and prosperous country.

Some time ago a structure was discovered, which has been called the Richards Structure, or the Eye of Sahara. Some believe that the Eye of Sahara is the remains of the main city of Atlantis, built on the plan of three circles. What supports this statement? The Eye of the Sahara has something like canals in its design to the south, which may suggest a connection to the sea. It also has mountains in the north, just as Plato described. In addition, a lot of red, black and yellow stones can be found there, and one theory is that Atlantis had a lot of them. Its circular and 40 km wide shape also bears a striking resemblance to the structure of Atlantis.

Amazingly, whale fossils have been found near the Eye of the Sahara, along with a wide variety of shells, which can only suggest one thing - there was water there a very long time ago, and plenty of it (unlike today).


Both the Emerald Tablets and the Book of Enoch say that the Flood occurred at a time when human consciousness had degenerated. The Book of Enoch tells of a great Flood from which only a few people survived. Enoch in this story was taken away by "God" in a spaceship to live elsewhere.

Every historical, religious source speaks of a great flood.

Enki announced to Noah that Enwil planned to destroy the human race because they had grown too powerful and conscious. Enki, who wanted to save the human race, warned Noah early enough. He advised him that in order to survive the coming flood, he should build a giant Ark, take his family, relatives, craftsmen, animals and plants.

Much geological evidence suggests that the flood was a fact and took place between 13 000 and 8 000 years ago, when the ice caps began to melt rapidly. However, scientists argue that the melting of the ice caps is insufficient as the sole cause of the flood. Plato also writes about the years around 11 600 and gives it as the date of the destruction and disappearance under the ocean of Atlantis. About 13 000 years ago there was a polar shift. This caused rapid climate change and a great extinction of animals.

During this shift the Annunaki retreated from their earthly base. Enki stayed until the last moment to help humanity save itself and continue to strive for development and growth in consciousness.

6 000 years later, he gave humanity some information through a messenger who gave people knowledge about the human species and the origin of man (this was Jesus, but not in relation to today's Christian religion).

Around this time (14 000-12 000 years ago), after the end of the Ice Age and after the Great Flood, the first settlement (Gobakli Tepe) was established in southern Turkey. And 10 000 years ago the last ice age ended (the ice caps retreated).

In the Middle East and Asia, as well as in America, there are many sources that speak of a flood. All the sources say that "god" (or "gods") decided to send a flood to wipe out mankind and start all over again, or because in some sense we did not satisfy him (them) and did not meet his (their) expectations.

Archaeologists agree that by 8 000 BC the ice caps had retreated. The extinction of animals occurred between 11 000 - 9 000 BC, due to rapid climate change. The last ice age began about 120 000 years ago, with giant ice caps forming mainly on the peaks of North America and northern Europe. It reached its maximum about 21 000 years ago. Then the weather started to change - it warmed up and the ice caps melted. Then suddenly, 12 800 years ago, the Earth plunges back into a massive freeze overnight, causing animal extinction on a massive scale. Scientists say this happened because of a comet that, as it approached Earth, began to fragment and 4 of these fragments hit the Earth - the North American ice cap (as well as other places in South America, northern Europe and western Asia). When this happened, a massive amount of heat was generated which caused a massive melting of this ice cap. A huge amount of water was released, contributing to the disruption of sea currents. As the sun was blocked by a massive amount of clouds, very low, minus temperatures were generated in a very short time. This lasted until 11 600 years ago. Then more parts of this comet fell into the water causing huge waves and ejecting water into the layers of the atmosphere. The water vapour caused the greenhouse effect - a process that forces radical warming.

The Book of Enoch is one of the oldest religious books that people have today. Its influence goes all the way back to the New Testament. The text is said to date from 200-300 BC. (It is therefore younger than the Sumerian text). Enoch was the grandfather of Noah, who lived about 300 years until the great flood destroyed humanity (that's right, people used to live much longer than they do now). There is also a record of the Nephlins (children of Annunacs and human women). The Nephlins were giants. It got to the point where humans could no longer obtain resources for themselves, due to the needs of the Nephlins. With food shortages, the Nephlins began to eat humans and other animals as food. Some of them taught humans how to fight, how to build weapons and how to use them.


The Sphinx has some unusual features on the layer it is covered with, indicating water erosion. Scientists actually say that around 12 000 years ago there were huge downpours in Egypt and there was generally a different climate. This would suggest that the Sphinx is actually much older than we are officially told. However, Dr Havas says that so far no evidence (writings, pottery, etc.) has been found to prove that the Sphinx is older than 7 000 years.

Most people believe that the Sphinx was built in Cofferey's time (because of the facial resemblance). But what is puzzling is that information about the Sphinx is missing from all Egyptian records. There is a lot of other very detailed information there (including a list of all the temples in Egypt), but not one, slightest mention of the Sphinx. Some say that Cofferey discovered the Sphinx and had his temples built around it- according to that, he was not its creator. be continued...

*** Polish translation in the attachment below ***

*** Tłumaczenie na polski w załączniku poniżej ***

Część 2. Człowiek. Lemuria. Atlantyda. Wielka powódź.
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Emerald Tablets of Thoth

Sumerian Clay Tablets translated by Zecharia Stichin

The book of Enoch

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