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Part 1. Alternative history of the origin of humankind. Lemuria. Atlantis. The great flood.

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

***You can find Polish translation of the article at the bottom of the page***

***Polskie tłumaczenie artykułu znajdziecie w załączniku na końcu strony***

There are plenty of alternative theories about the origin of man, that are not recognised by official 'authorities' and 'governments'. To find out about them, you'll have to do some serious digging. The official position of the origin of man is, in my opinion, very controversial - there are a lot of unknowns, inconsistencies and sort of concealed facts. In addition to the world of science, we also have religions - depending on the belief system, man learns different versions of where he came from.

It may happen that everything you have learned so far does not agree with what is written here. It also does not mean that this is what happened. It is one of the possible versions (supported by evidence) that is worth looking into. Remain open-minded.

You probably already know the name of the planet you live on? Yes, it is the Earth. Some say it is flat, some say it is round. People live here, but not only. You will meet all kinds of animals and beautiful nature. What do you think, is Earth the only planet where life can be found? Of course not... the universe is huge and is actually teeming with life. Beyond our planet, there are plenty of other planets that are home to beings that look either similar to us or completely different. Different to such an extent that it is difficult for us even to imagine them, because we only know what lives on our Earth.


There are many different theories about how man came to be. Many of them are based on religious beliefs. What if I told you a story based on real ancient findings and discoveries...

The information you will read here is contained in Sumerian records on clay tablets, translated by Zecharia Stichin, from the emerald tablets of Thoth, from one of the oldest religious books: The Book of Enoch and from the channeling messages of Drunvalo Melchizedek. Let me introduce you to information that you do not have to accept as truth, but it will help you to open up and look at the world in a neutral way. Slightly different.

To answer the question of where humans came from, we have to start with the story about the planet Nibiru. It is inhabited by beings called Annunaki, who live like us, in the third dimension. They are much more technologically advanced than us and live much longer (between 50 000 and 400 000 years). Nibiru passes by the Earth once every 3 600 years. It

travels a very long way on a very unusual orbit. As it moves away from the sun, the temperature drops, just like in the winter time on Earth. This planet was able to retain its internal heat for a very long time, so it could move away from the sun without harming its inhabitants. Everything worked properly, but at some point

450 000 years ago, this situation began to change drastically. As Nibiru moved away from the sun, temperatures on it began to reach frighteningly low levels. The planet slowly became very difficult, even impossible to survive...

The Annunaki scientists, came up with an idea of what could be done in order to help their

planet during the hard winter. For this they needed large quantities of gold. So they began to mine this precious metal from their land, grind it into fine dust and spray it into the atmosphere. This solution helped to keep the warmth at a time when Nibiru was orbiting away from the sun. However, at some point the gold ran out. So the Annunaki started to search for another planet that would have huge deposits of gold. They could then mine it and send it with a ship to their planet. With such a plan, they found the Earth.

They landed their ship in ancient Mesopotamia. They established their command base in

Eridu, the oldest known city in Mesopotamia. However, to mine the gold, they travelled to the valley in south-eastern Africa. This is where the largest deposits of gold hidden in the earth were located.

There were 12 commanders of the Annunaki on Earth. The first commander was Enwil and his deputy was Enki. The other Annunaki worked in the mines.

Time passed... The Annunaki worked very hard for 100 000 - 150 000 years, and as a result the anger grew inside them. Slowly they became tired of it all and were fed up with it. Finally, between 300 000 and 200 000 years ago, the Annunaki rebelled, declaring that they would no longer work and that they had simply had enough.

A council of commanders was assembled to determine a plan for further action against the rebellion. Enki proposed creating workers using their technology. This was about combining the DNA of the Annunaki and that of the primate (the most evolved life form inhabiting the Earth).

The process of creating perfect workers was very long. Many beings were created, but it was only after one attempt that they managed to create the kind of worker they needed. This took place around 300-200 thousand years ago. Using technology, the embryo was placed into Annunaki women who volunteered to do this experiment. Because the Annunaki were 3-dimensional beings without the ability to create consciousness, they were unable to create a soul. Unfortunately, it is not known how exactly and where from the soul (consciousness) appeared in the "unnaturally" created body. And to this question I do not know the answer.

One scientist claims that in south-west Africa there actually existed a civilisation dating back 200 000 years. It mined huge amounts of gold and then suddenly disappeared. So if we assume that the Annunaki story is not true, then the question must be asked - why did primitive, early humans need huge deposits of gold if they could not make or use it for anything at that time? The theory of evolution says that at this stage man was a hunter-gatherer and it was not untill 9500 BC that agriculture developed. No artefact made of gold was found on Earth before 4600 BC.

It is worth mentioning the Mitochondrial Eve Theory, according to which the original mitochondrion of Homo sapiens is dated to 140 000 - 200 000 years ago. Scientists claim that the female person(s) came from an exact time frame and region, like a gold mine in Africa, where Sumerian records say it all began.

In 2011, an electronic soil survey was done there. It turned out that these ancient circular ruins have a powerful energy. The soil emanates the natural sounds. In the place where these sounds come to the surface, circular structures were built. The shape of these structures is exactly like the shape of the sound that comes out of the earth (we call this a cymatic pattern - it is a physical

representation of vibration. As a result of the superimposition of the natural sound from the earth and the structures on its surface, there is an amplification of the energy of this sound. A very strong electromagnetic field is created, thanks to which it is possible to move very heavy objects without the use of machinery, but by means of sound.

It follows that the Annunaki were able to move heavy gold using the frequencies of the Earth, as well as deliver huge stones and build ancient structures such as pyramids using sound. Gold mines were specifically designed to resonate with the sounds of the planet, which made their job easier. Sound levitation is something that is now very well known.

Enki together with his friend Ninmah tried to create a suitable human worker who would not be able to reproduce and who would lack consciousness, a connection with the soul, the higher self and the energy of the universe. Initially, man worked only in the mines. Later, the Annunaki found that man could also be useful as a labourer in their city of Eridu, doing all sorts of jobs - construction, gardening, cleaning. People were transported to other parts of Mesopotamia, and this region was called E.DIN.

Enki loved man and was constantly working on the human DNA to be the perfect being able to reproduce, think and grow spiritually. Eventually, together with Ninmah, they achieved it. According to officially accepted information, the human being Homo sapiens was created exactly at the time when the Sumerian tablets describe the rebellion of the hard-working Annunaki.

Therefore, when answering the question "who created humans", it is safe to conclude that it was the Annunaki, or more precisely Enki. He was the creator of a new race - us humans, Homo sapiens. Unfortunately Enwil did not want humans to be independent. He wanted brainless, obedient slaves. When he found out what Enki had done, he expelled the new humans from Eridu. The information that people were thrown out of Eridu to start a new life was recorded on Sumerian tablets 2000 years before the Bible was written.

Human chromosome 2 is the second largest chromosome in the human body. It appears to be the result of a fusion from primates, combined with some other type of chromosome so that it is regarded as a new type of chromosome. This is impossible to achieve in the course of natural evolution. It is something that makes the human race a new, completely different species from other on Earth.


The new human being has been able to experience good and evil since he received a connection with his consciousness. To learn and develop. People spread towards western Asia, but also to other regions. Some of them were really isolated, such as the island of Lemuria (known as well as Mu).

Lemuria was formed about 75,000 years ago. It is said to have been a string of islands in the Indian Ocean, connecting Madagascar to India. On the other hand, some people believe that Lemuria was a huge continent in the Pacific Ocean (you can still see some mountain tops underwater here).

There is some evidence for the existence of Lemuria, thanks to the coral reefs. Corals can grow no lower than 50 metres. Scientists have found coral fossils (near Easter Island), however they were at a depth of 550 metres. This suggests that the ground level has moved up and down over the years. Lemuria may therefore have actually existed and sunk as a result of the lowering of the land.

It is puzzling that Hawaii, Easter Island and French Polynesia have the same flora and fauna (including bacteria). Such a thing is only possible if all these islands had some kind of connection with each other (it is believed that a strip of these islands formed the east coast of Lemuria).

Lemuria was a very prosperous and developed island. Its king was Ra. The people had managed to reach a very high level of consciousness development. Two people, who managed to achieve immortality, founded the so-called Mystery School here. They managed to pass the knowledge to a thousand students and, based on their experiences, teach them how to achieve immortality. This happened even before Lemuria sank.

Why did Lemuria sink? There are two theories: 1) it sank because of an explosion of gases beneath its surface, or 2) because of massive volcanic eruptions.

Both theories could be related to the fact that a pole shift of the Earth took place (and any such event is associated with various natural disasters). People who managed to survive moved to Egypt, Central America and India. Some went to the Easter Island.

Some went to a new continent that emerged from the water - Atlantis...

... to be continued...

***Polskie tłumaczenie artykułu w załączniku poniżej***

***Polish translation of the post in attachment below***

Część 1. Człowiek. Lemuria. Atlantyda. Wielki potop.
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Emerald Tablets of Thoth

Sumerian Clay Tablets translated by Zecharia Stichin

The book of Enoch

Drunvalo Melchizedek channeling

Spirit Science

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