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Part 3. Alternative history of the origin of humankind. Lemuria. Atlantis. The great flood.

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***Polskie tłumaczenie artykułu znajdziecie w załączniku na końcu strony***


The fall of Lemuria, and the beginning of Atlantis, occurred either about 44 000 years ago (the „official" version) or about 30 000 years ago (during a magnetic pole shift). The fall of Atlantis is dated to about 13 000 years ago (another pole shift). This coincided with the extinction of mammals. The Earth's electromagnetic field was then weakened and the pole shift strongly influenced geological catastrophes on Earth. For this reason, it is possible that the fall of Lemuria, as well as the fall of Atlantis, was somehow related to the electromagnetic pole shift.

After the fall of Atlantis, some of the spiritual masters who managed to preserve their memory started to share their knowledge with the fallen inhabitants of Atlantis. However, they did this very slowly, because the people of that time had to develop sufficient understanding of these subjects to be able to really grasp them. The masters tried to explain to the people, among other things, how the world was created, who the people are and where they came from, but the people could not yet understand this. To help them in this, they began to present it in various ways, for example as legends about the gods. These masters spread knowledge all over the world - from ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt through India to Mesoamerica.

From the Sumerian tablets we learn that it was Enki who spread this knowledge after the fall of Atlantis.

Currently, the electromagnetic field of the Earth is higher and is changing. So is our consciousness. This electormagnetic field is supposed to interact with the rise of our consciousness and even help it (Schumann waves).

A slightly different story is found on the 12 Emerald Tablets written by Thoth. These tablets are secured by a secret society in Egypt. They are said to have been translated by Dr Maurice Doreal. However, there is not even a single photograph showing these tablets, so many people do not believe in their existence. The Emerald Tables describe many things, from wisdom teachings to ancient history.

Thoth is said to have existed even before Atlantis. He said that the fall of Atlantis was caused by those who were too proud of their knowledge and out of greed wanted to possess even more (which led to the disaster). He said that those who survived escaped in a spaceship, waiting for better times when they could return - and it is believed that this very spaceship is now under the Sphinx.

Thoth created a plan with instructions obtained from the higher beings. Together with two kings from Atlantis, he conducted an experiment. It was related to the grid of consciousness that surrounds the entire Earth. It is a crystal grid of consciousness that stores information about every species on the planet. So you could say that every species on Earth, has its own unique grid of collective consciousness. This grid is electromagnetic and has its elements in every dimension. Each grid is different. These grids have their own colour and when viewed from space they can be seen as a bluish haze around the Earth. What Thoth and his two friends did was to create a synthetic grid of consciousness. This was to help humanity rise to Christ Consciousness in a very short time (for the record, we only had 13 000 years to do this).

The experiment of the hundredth monkey from Japan is worth mentioning at this point. The experiment consisted of giving the monkeys sweet potatoes, which they liked very much. However, they were annoyed when the potatoes were covered with sand. Eventually, one of the monkeys came up with the idea that the potato could be washed in water and taught this to several other monkeys. Before long, when the point of critical mass was reached, all the monkeys, even those from completely different locations, suddenly started washing the potatoes. The conclusion was drawn that there must be something more than what we see. Something in common that unites the species.

It was decided to carry out a second experiment on humans. The first part was carried out in Australia. People were shown photographs in which there were hundreds of "hidden" faces. At first people could not find many of them. The same pictures were taken to the UK and shown on TV and as a result the mass population saw them. Everyone started to find more and more faces. Upon return to Australia, the experiment was repeated. This time, because a point of critical mass had been reached, individuals were already able to find many more faces than before (using information that appeared in the collective grid of consciousness for our species). This experiment shows that there is something more that binds the species together, without the limitations of time and space. This is the collective consciousness.

There are certain points on the consciousness grid and what we can see is that in many of these places there are government or military bases. Often these places are in very unusual and strange locations. Someone may ask the question - why build bases there? The answer is found precisely by referring to the grid of collective consciousness. People, or other beings in these bases, try to take control of the grid. If you control it, you can control the world of humans. If you control the collective consciousness, you can influence people - their behaviour, what they (we) think and feel.

Thoth and two friends first created a grid of consciousness in the fourth dimension (it is accurately called the Christ Consciousness Grid, but it has nothing to do with any religion), and then they began to build it in the third dimension, that is, by putting up physical structures at specific points on Earth. Some of these buildings, after being created in the 4th dimension, spontaneously manifested in the 3rd dimension. They always used the principles of sacred geometry. Then they went to Egypt. Thoth claims that he was the one who built the pyramids 200 years before the pole shift (in connection with the consciousness grid). Interestingly, research shows that the pyramids were built from top to bottom, which cannot be explained with today's science. Thoth at that time was a being of the sixth dimension, so whatever he thought materialised an the same moment.

Thoth left behind 12 emerald tablets, placed in the Great Pyramid. These tablets are made of such a material that they cannot be destroyed. At the top of the Great Pyramid a piece of the construction is missing. This is intentional, because it is a room for a spaceship, which resembles a flat ellipse in its shape and is located under the Sphinx. According to Thoth, the Sphinx is as much as 5 500 000 years old. This spaceship connects with our own merkaba and becomes an extension of it. It is powered by thoughts, consciousness and feelings and is the guardian and protection for the entire planet. It is connected to the spirit of the Earth. This object can only be used by the purest of souls. Whenever there is a polar shift, we as humans become very susceptible to this energy turbulence, we are more sensitive and interpersonal relationships can become more strained. Therefore, many other extraterrestrial races very often try to take advantage of this moment and attempt to take over the planet and humanity. Whenever such things happen, a person with a pure soul also appears and connects with the energy of the object and the sun. Then whatever this person thinks, manifests.

The grid of consciousness was not activated until 1989, as it took many years to activate it since it was built. At that time there was an attempt by the Greys to take over the Earth, but it failed. A highly conscious woman in Peru did the ascension process and, as the most appropriate and purest person, found the object under the Sphinx. She tuned its frequencies to the fourth dimension and lifted it into the air, connecting it to the energy of the Sun. This protected the Earth from being taken over by the Greys. From then on, any Grey who remained on Earth became severely ill. This continued until they left the Earth.

When Thoth and his friends created a consciousness grid, they returned to Atlantis and waited there for 200 years until the equinox and pole shift process occurred. They knew that Atlantis would sink, and they were prepared for it.

After the pole shift, Thoth and the two Neecals entered the ship (the one under the Sphinx) and, meditating, created a very strong merkaba around it. They landed on top of the pyramid and formed a special symbol with it. At this time also the magnetic and electromagnetic field of the Earth collapsed. There was a collapse of human consciousness. Whenever the Earth goes through a pole shift, there is 3.5 days of darkness. This is because we are going through a void, through a change of frequency (this is how it was written in the emerald tablets). Normally, when a pole shift occurs, species are prepared with their merkabas to protect themselves. Unfortunately, humanity was not prepared for this. We didn't get to the right stage of development, so we fell. We have lost our memory. It is worth remembering on this occasion that we are connected to the Earth. The Merkaba acts as a protection around the body from the void during the polar shift so that we can consciously pass through it and continue to evolve. We did reach a slightly higher level of evolution on Atlantis, but unfortunately everything changed when the Martians arrived. Our pineal gland used to be much larger, the size of an eyeball, but now it is the size of a sultana. It shrunk due to the fact that we stopped using it. And we stopped because we forgot how to do it and what purpose it serves.

The age of the Atlantians reached up to 900 years. After the great collapse, life expectancy powerfully decreased to 60-90 years. We fell into a dense reality that we had not experienced for a very long time. We had advanced physical bodies, but we did not know how to use them. In the beginning, after the fall, we were very primitive. We even had to rediscover fire. It is difficult to find much evidence about the existence of Atlantis, because the Atlantians largely existed in a higher dimension than we do now here on Earth (we have 3D). The Earth existed physically, but the Atlantians didn't quite anymore. When we started to come out of the void, Thoth and 1/3 of the Neecals went by spaceship to Sun Island in Bolivia. Thoth's other two companions: Ra and 1/3 Neecals went to Egypt and the other companion and 1/3 Neecals went to Tibet, where they waited for the right moment. Between the fall of Atlantis and the first civilization that emerged in 4 500 BC (Sumerians/ Egyptians) was 6 500 years difference.

Thoth and his friends had to wait a reasonable amount of time until humanity had developed enough to comprehend what they wanted to communicate to them. For example, information about DNA. What is DNA? It is the physical aspect of our soul, it contains information about who we are, our character, our skills, our hair and eye colour, etc. Each dimension has its own grid of consciousness and its own chromosomes. What has been observed in DNA is a change in CoDoNS. We, as humans, have 22 CoDoNS activated. Now some children who are born (indigo and crystal) have 6 more CoDoNS (overall there are 64 CoDoNS possible in the DNA). Each dimension has its own grid of consciousness and its own chromosomes. We have 44 and 2 chromosomes. Level 3 has 46 and 2, level 4 has 48 and 2, level 5 has 50 and 2. The physical aspect of this is, for example, the difference in height. Level 1 beings were 120- 180 cm, level 2 (we now): 150 - 210 cm, level 3: 300 - 490 cm, level 4: 914 - 1070 cm, level 5, 1520 - 1830 cm.

In Egypt one can find statues of different heights, referring precisely to different levels of consciousness. The Egyptian kings had 5 different names for each level of consciousness. Some of the kings could migrate to other dimensions, so they shared the information they received from there with the population.

About 6 500 years ago (4,500 BC) the Sumerians and Egyptians appeared. They immediately had their own alphabet, possessed a very good ability to write and read, as well as for many other things. The question arises here- how is it possible that they were so developed at once? What is even more amazing is that as time went on, over the next 1000 years, instead of moving forward even more, they regressed in their development. No scientist to this day can explain this, as well as the fact that they developed at a staircase rate. By staircase rate development we mean that a particular ability appeared suddenly. After some time, another skill suddenly appeared. For example, 6 500 years ago they had accurate, highly developed writing. 100 years later (6 400 years ago) they suddenly became masters in water systems. 100 years later (6 300 years ago) out of nowhere they became masters of hydraulics. There is no trace that they took any time to achieve this. It just appeared. Why? Because this knowledge was passed on to them gradually, by Thoth and other beings.

Underneath the pyramids of Giza, there is a huge city where, after the great collapse of human consciousness, Thoth and Neecals waited for humans to evolve so that they could give them knowledge that they could understand and use. Worth mentioning here is a being named Tat- the son of Thoth. Even today there is a secret brotherhood of Tat, which is the protector and guardian of the secret temples on Earth. The beings of the Tat brotherhood waited about 6 000 years until they could come to humans and teach them. When they saw someone who was ready enough, they tuned their frequencies to the third dimension, approached and began to give various information to such a person. They explained what could be done, for what purpose and what the effect would be. Then they would go underground again, wait for some time for humanity to learn it (hence the step-by-step development). After a certain period of time, they would reappear. And so on and so forth.

The Sumerians knew about the precession of the equinox because they learned about it from the Neecals. Unfortunately, in spite of great efforts, after the passage of time, in spite of the vast amount of information we received, our consciousness began to fall asleep again, and this was obviously related to precession.

Drunvalo Melchizedek was involved in the study of human consciousness for many years. In 1966 he was contacted by someone from Egypt saying that something amazing had been discovered. From between the legs of the Sphinx emerged a stone, and on it some writing. They took it and began to dig under it. They found a room with three paths. One led to a great pyramid, and at the end of it was a road with no way through. It was impossible to even get close to it. The passage was closed by a wall of light which no one could cross. The government, however, found three people who managed to close it off and get inside. There they found a tunnel stretching for miles underground, and at the end of it was a huge city. Larry Hunter, an archaeologist, described the same thing, but in more detail. The city was 13km x 11km. It was made of a very specific stone and had several temples. The three pyramids in Egypt are set in Orion's belt (constellation), but there are other temples dedicated to each smaller star in the constellation. The shape of the city is exactly as large as the temples on the Earth's surface that are spaced apart. Some claim that tunnels leading to Egypt and the Earth's interior have been found in Romania. However, this story is not confirmed by the Egyptian government (both the tunnels and the existence of the underground city). Egypt had various tools, constructions, buildings, etc. to support and raise people's consciousness. For example, sexual energy during orgasm releases a huge amount of energy through the crown chakra. What the Egyptians did was when the energy reached the heart chakra, they directed the energy from that chakra outwards, around the head and back to the heart chakra and then to all the other chakras, keeping it inside instead of releasing it.

On Atlantis, the Neecals established the so-called Mystery Schools, where they taught people how to expand their consciousness. As it takes a very long time to reach this stage, there were only about 1000 Neecals. The first Atlantian to reach the state of immortality was Osiris. Using his example, the Neecals wanted to show people how to become immortal through their DNA and chromosomes. They presented this through 42 +2 Neters, who represented human chromosomes. Each of them showed a specific evolutionary path that had to be followed if one wanted to raise one's consciousness on a particular subject. As time passed, Lower and Upper Egypt separated and the true meaning and physical image of the Neters changed. People began to see them as gods, completely forgetting what this was originally about. A bigger problem arose when the two parts of Egypt merged into one later. It then turned out that Lower Egypt with its 44 gods and Upper Egypt with its 44 gods, now shared 88 gods. People fought with each other over whose god was better and true. They were incredibly confused, often not knowing which god to believe in anymore. The Tat Brotherhood tried to come to their aid and fix this nightmare, but even they failed.

For 17.5 years a strange ruler reigned who completely changed the way Egypt was run. Archaeologists up to this day cannot explain it. This ruler was called Akhenaten. There were only kings before him, while he became the first pharaoh. The term pharaoh had a completely different meaning at the beginning: "pharaoh" = "the one you will become". According to information, Akhenaten was about 4.5-5 metres tall and had a very elongated skull (which is typical for the level of Christ consciousness with 46+2 chromosomes). Akhenaten tried to abolish people's previous understanding of gods and establish the idea of one god. This was to bring order and give people a sense of order so that they would not get lost again. Unfortunately, after 17 years of rule, some people no longer liked this way of ruling and Akhenaten was killed. He was replaced by the 9-year-old pharaoh All Hail, who restored the old system of 88 gods.

The priests in Egypt did not like what Akhenaten did. In the previous belief system the priests were the focus and the only intermediaries with the gods, whereas in Akhenaten's ideology they were not needed at all. He said that God is within us and we have direct access to him from within us. He also introduced changes in the army according to the principle: do not attack others unless someone attacks you first. It is worth mentioning here that at that time Egypt had the strongest army in the world. Consequently, the military officers were also not fond of Akhenaten. Even the people disliked him because they were too used to worshipping many gods. More people liked it how it was before. Akhenatean created the School of Mysteries with the intention of teaching people the truth and evolving their consciousness and rising to a state of immortality. Normally, it takes 100 000 years to achieve this goal, and Akhenatean had only 17 years of ruling to achieve his intended results. Nevertheless, he succeeded. 300 people possessed powerful knowledge and achieved immortality. After Akhenaten was killed, these 300 students went outside Egypt. Thoth wrote on the emerald tablets that after the fall of Egypt, he brought a man called Pythagoras and taught him mathematics and sacred geometry. This man then went to Greece, where he started a new empire. It was to be based on the Schools of Sacred Geometry and it was to be based on the teachings of Plato.

The immortal students of Akhenaten established a brotherhood called Essene. They went to the city of Messada in Israel, which is still known today as the capital of this brotherhood. This group included two people who are very famous in other religion - the man Joseph and the woman Mary. Together with all the other students of Akhenaten, they set a plan of action. Mary and Joseph were to conceive a child who, at the right time in his life, would mature enough to show other people the way to attain Christ Consciousness. He was to come into this world as a normal being, but during his life to rise to the level of this higher consciousness. His ascension was to enter the grid of collective consciousness that was still forming at that time. His name was Jesus (Yeshewa). He was able to go to the next level because he originally came from those higher levels. If it were not for him, these insights would not be available to us today, nor would the information that the path he took be achievable. Mary and Joseph made love inter-dimensionally, not physically, which allowed the soul from the higher dimension to come down to Earth. Jesus went through the three stages mentioned by Osiris: death, resurrection and ascension. Jesus went on an expedition at one point in his life. He stayed away from home for 18 years. The most likely story is that he went to the Himalayas or mountains of Tibet, where he became an enlightened guru. The kundalini of the Earth at the time was actually in those regions, helping him to reach that level of consciousness. After this time he brought his teachings back to the place where he was born.

The Christian religion and the religion of Egypt have many similarities. It is safe to say that the Christian religion was born out of the Egyptian religion and later, when it grew in strength, it ridiculed the Egyptians. Around the year 300 the Council of Nicaea took place. This was a joining of forces between Roman political and religious authorities - they discovered that when they united, they could exert more influence on people and control society through their unity. It is around this time that we can see the emergence of the New Testament. The only prayer Jesus taught us was the „Lord’s Prayer...". In fact, it is not an ordinary prayer, but a geometrical prayer meditation. One man studied it for 20 years and discovered that the original, unenhanced version of the prayer (that is, not modified by the church, because the one we know now has been changed), has many elements from sacred geometry in it. It contains in it 7 thoughts, which correspond perfectly to the 7 chakras ( in the human body.

Today 13 families control almost the whole world with their corporations and own 95% of the world's money. We call them the Illuminati, but that is not what they are. For Illuminati means "enlightened". Originally this grouping was founded long ago to spread knowledge using both scientific and spiritual understanding. They understood everything that the average person at the time could not comprehend (and consequently rejected it and referred to it as unclean forces and demons or the devil himself). This and other secret societies had to be kept secret because of the powerful influence of the church. The church infiltrated some of these organisations to make sure that they did not go on and plot anything that might reveal uncomfortable information about the church and ruin the new world order that the church had created. This has generally led the church to declare that all secret groups worship the devil and are evil. Fear of these groups grew very strong. Since then, many other organisations began to appear, but already controlled by the church, completely disregarding the principles for which they were originally created.

These 13 families are said to have different DNA, perhaps passed down from the Martian race, or other species devoid of love, emotion and compassion - driven only by greed and the quest for power.

The reign of these families, however, will not last very long. Let us not be deceived by them. It is very important to grow spiritually all the time and never stop being a good person. Remain open, curious about the world and question the knowledge that is officially given to you. Take care to connect with your intuition and Higher Self, for only in this way will you recognise the truth. For the energy of love conquers all. Our life energy is growing and in no way should we allow ourselves another fall of consciousness. Our vibrations are rising together with the vibrations of the Earth. Let us flow together and ascend to a higher dimension.


***Polish translation of the post in attachment below***

***Polskie tłumaczenie artykułu w załączniku poniżej***

Część 3. Człowiek. Lemuria. Atlantyda. Wielka powódź.
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